Game Monetization through Branded Merchandise Sales

July 5, 2013 in iOS Development (F)

[] Sydney, Australia - BlackGears announces many mobile game developers have faced a situation when their game is well accepted by users, but in-app purchases or ads don't bring in much income. Some developers may expand advertising space or try to boost in-app sales, but normally such solutions have a negative effect on game popularity and, after a brief period of growth, will stifle its monetization.

Industry leaders, such as Rovio, HalfBrick, Zeptolab, in addition to using standard monetization options are making good money selling branded merchandise. For instance, Rovio published a report this year, which showed that sales of real-life goods were responsible for 45% of the company's annual income. This goes to prove that game monetization through branded merchandise sales is a smart option to explore for any game developer.

However, selling real-life consumer goods is accompanied by a number of difficulties - the products not only have to be manufactured, but also stored and delivered to the end buyer. Even some of the biggest players in the mobile game market aren't willing to take on these challenges, let alone smaller game studios.

This is where the Australian startup BlackGears comes into play, taking on the task of handling the whole branded goods production and delivery cycle. The service will suggest products that are popular with consumers, find a factory to manufacture them and arrange delivery of the printed items to the customer.

Using a special BlackGears control panel, developers can order products to be printed with their brand graphics and then add a few code lines to their app to connect it to the store. For now, the service only offers t-shirts, mugs and caps with images of game characters or logos printed on them, but it plans to expand the offerings in the near future.

A special section in a game lets the user see a list of the products the game developer has created. The user can easily select some products they like, provide a shipping address and payment information, and get their order delivered straight to their door by mail. The game developer gets the profit from the sale deposited into their account. Interested? Sign up now for special terms.

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