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[prMac.com] Reston, VA - About Objects, a leading source of expert Objective-C, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch training, is pleased to announce special WWDC discounts during and immediately following the conference. From June 8th through June 30th, customers who register for About Objects training courses will be eligible to receive a $200 discount on each course for which they register.

The company is also delighted to announce a new training bundle entitled iPhone Programming for Beginners. The bundle consists of two courses, Objective-C for Beginners (2 days), and iPhone Programming Workshop (5 days).

Objective-C for Beginners is a two-day training course oriented towards non-developers and developers who need to brush up on C programming while learning the fundamentals of Objective-C - the primary language of the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch development environments.

iPhone Programming Workshop is a five-day course that takes attendees from the basics of Objective-C 2.0 all the way through the development of example iPhone applications with sophisticated features, including custom drawing and animation, touch screen user interaction, presentation of web content, interactive controls such as buttons and text fields, navigation between different views, managing and presenting data in table views, persisting user and application data, and more.

Attendees will learn to use Apple's Xcode development environment, Interface Builder, and the Cocoa Touch programming framework. They will also learn to manage the iPhone's memory, deal with system events, and enable their apps to interact with other iPhone applications and services such as the Address Book, Safari, and the built-in accelerometers. In addition, they'll learn the best techniques for overall application design to achieve optimal performance and ease of maintenance.

Although Objective-C for Beginners and iPhone Programming Workshop are individually priced at $1,295 (USD) and $2,495 respectively, the iPhone Programming for Beginners training bundle is priced at only $3,495, with additional early bird, group, government, and educational discounts - plus the WWDC discount - available. The bundled courses are delivered over an eight-day span, starting with a Friday and Saturday session of Objective-C for Beginners, a day off on Sunday, and then a five-day Monday through Friday session for the iPhone Programming Workshop. To qualify for the WWDC special discount, registrants should reference the coupon code WWDC-SP2C.

About Objects is a premier training, consulting, and software product company headquartered in Reston, VA. The company has a strong focus on the Objective-C programming language, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, and the whole grouping of related libraries, frameworks, and tools. About Objects training courses distinguish themselves by placing a greater emphasis on building proficiency, and by providing a deeper understanding of key concepts. All of our courses are designed from the ground up to build measurable skills using a unique, step-by-step, building blocks approach. In addition to our regularly scheduled, open-enrollment classes, About Objects offers customized, on-site training, as well as private classes conducted in the company's state-of-the-art facilities. Copyright 2009 About Objects. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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