Microlab FC50BT Bluetooth Speakers Hot Sale on Amazon

September 13, 2013 in Accessories (F)

[prMac.com] Shenzhen, China - Microlab Electronics Co,. Ltd is a professional audio products manufacturer and retailer. With a history of more than 15 years, Microlab has accumulated rich technique advantages in audio products. Moreover, the high quality products help Microlab raise a good reputation all around the world. Microlab FC50BT, as one of the most popular high-end speakers from Microlab product line, has already launched their official store on Amazon. For people who want to get a perfect speaker with affordable price, it's time to take action.

Microlab FC50BT adopts the latest audio technology developed by Microlab itself. It is particularly designed for close distance listening. With the HC2D technology, it will reveal every specific details from the music.FC50BT can fits various types of music and background sound. It is perfect for film watching. With the most detailed sound and impact bass effect; it can make your home becoming a private cinema. Also,FC50BT is perfect for playing games as well. No matter you are playing the mini web game or mainstream FPS, it always performs best.

To the appearance, the new product inherits the classical appearance of the previous generation, while there are still many differences in detail. As the new generation is equipped with Bluetooth, so the structure is a little different.

On the front, the subwoofer is covered with black screen cloth, complement with the white main body, which looks quite elegant and modern.

Most important of all, control FC50BT is very simple. It comes with a wireless RF remote control that for complete level controls. It uses radio frequency for 360 degree all round use without signal being blocked. The Bluetooth pairing system also allows you use your own smart phones and tablet to control this speaker so easily and simply.

Pricing and Availability:
Microlab FC50 2.1 Enclosure-Free Desktop Hi-Fi Speaker is $139.74 (USD).

Microlab is a China-based company specializing in design, manufacture and sales of innovative audio and multi-media products that simplify and enhance home and business environments. Starts with a group of audio enthusiasts, Microlab are dedicated to producing high-end, quality products with superb acoustics and unparalleled technology integration. Microlab develops its products to meet the requirements of today's style conscious consumer, from product design, to freeing them from the clutter of racks, stacks and wires, and more.


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