Press Release New MacBreakZ 4.4 ignores DVD playback activity Jul 11, 2007 in Software Apple's DVD Player produces "fake" user activity in order to prevent the screen saver from being triggered during playback. In previous versions of MacBreakZ this "fake" activity was taken into account for computing the user's activity level and triggering ergonomic rest breaks. This "fake" user activity is now ignored by the MacBreakZ's activity monitor and allows users to enjoy their DVD without having to switch MacBreakZ off manually. [] is pleased to announce the availability of MacBreakZ 4.4. MacBreakZ is a sophisticated Personal Ergonomic Assistant designed to promote healthy and productive computer use. It has long been the rest break timer of choice for many Macintosh users having received a 4 mice rating from MacWorld as long ago as September 2002. Version 4 is a re-design based on almost 10 years of experience and feedback from our users. The product was entirely re-implemented in Mac OS X's native Cocoa environment to offer a best-of-breed user experience. Computer-related health problems ranging from eyestrain, headaches, neck and backache to more serious Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), including carpal tunnel syndrome, writer's cramp, tendonitis, etc. are the result of inappropriate computer use. MacBreakZ offers a unique way of acquiring ergonomic skills that can save users a great deal of discomfort and shield them from serious health and career-threatening disorders. The latest release now ignores the "fake" user activity produced by Apple's DVD Player application and allows users to enjoy their DVDs without interruption. was founded by Frank Reiff in 1996 with the aim of producing affordable best-of-breed software for the Macintosh. In the past decade, our A Better Finder series of file utilities and our MacBreakZ personal ergonomic assistant have become familiar fixtures of the Macintosh community. is also active in the Windows software market. ### Frank Reiff Owner/Founder 00352 26258271 Luxembourg