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TheMacBundles Announces the Release Date of its Next Bundle

Berkeley, CALIFORNIA    Jun 24, 2009 in Promotions


TheMacBundles first bundle was released in early June and has received widespread praise from journalists, consumers, and developers for the unique marketing model and value that it brings to both consumers and software developers. TheMacBundles is pleased to announce that the next bundle will be released on June 29th and will continue in the footsteps of the first bundle by bringing consistently high quality programs to consumers at a bargain price.


[] Berkeley, CA - MacEase Software is pleased to announce the release date of TheMacBundles' second bundle. MacEase Software and Kagi have worked together to create TheMacBundles, a new marketing model that brings unprecedented value to consumers while also providing developers with an exceptionally high percentage of the revenue produced by the sale of their software.

At the beginning of June TheMacBundles released its first bundle and received widespread praise from journalists, consumers, and software developers for its unique marketing model. Unlike traditional bundles, TheMacBundles:

* Uses a cooperative marketing model

* Eliminates the middlemen which results in a better value for consumers and more revenue being provided to the developers that created the software

* Includes only the latest version of the titles that are included in a bundle

* Includes no "filler" programs - all titles in a bundle are premium quality software

* Provides only titles which includes the same level of support and the same reduced price for upgrades that apply to users who paid the full retail price for the software

* Will be offering new bundles on a regular basis, thus providing an unprecedented selection of high quality software at unprecedented low prices

On June 29th TheMacBundles will announce the contents and pricing of its latest bundle. In the meantime users can go to the TheMacBundles' website to sign up to automatically be notified about details of the bundle as soon as they become available.




Steve Becker, the owner of MacEase, has been developing freeware and shareware for the Macintosh since 1997. The software from MacEase specializes in collecting, saving, organizing and printing information. The focus at MacEase is to develop software that extends the capabilities of the user's computer, improves workflow and productivity, and enhances the user experience.


Stephen Becker
United States


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