Press Release AssistiveWare Proloquo4Text - New Text-based Communication App for iOS Nov 26, 2013 in Medical AssistiveWare today introduces Proloquo4Text, a new iOS text-based communication app that gives a voice to people who cannot speak, with 50%-off introductory pricing. Proloquo4Text's unique features make it an ideal Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for literate children, teenagers and adults, offering a customizable single screen layout for easy conversation, free voices in 15 languages, word and sentence prediction, social media sharing, and more. [] Amsterdam, Netherlands - Today, AssistiveWare(R) premiers its brand new text-based communication app for iOS, Proloquo4Text(TM) with 50%-off introductory pricing. Proloquo4Text provides a voice for people who cannot speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. It offers a customizable single screen layout for easy conversation, free natural-sounding voices in 15 languages, word and sentence prediction, social media sharing, numerous options for personalization and much more. Proloquo4Text's unique features make it the premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) communication solution for literate children, teenagers and adults, whose diagnosis includes autism, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, laryngectomy, stroke or traumatic brain injury. "Proloquo4Text is a very intuitive text-to-speech app that puts the user in control," said Jane Farrall, Consulting Speech Pathologist. "Next generation word and sentence prediction immediately make this app stand out. Powerful communication tools can be used to compose messages in record time. Conversations can be face-to-face or virtual - with messages shared via quality Acapela voices or through AirDrop, Twitter, email and messaging. Another excellent, full-featured AAC app from AssistiveWare which will be backed up with their usual incredible technical support." Proloquo4Text users can: Communicate with ease * Speak using single screen access to words, phrases and keyboard * Create, save and organize commonly used phrases * Reduce typing with advanced, self-learning PolyPredix(TM) word prediction * Type once and say it again with history and sentence prediction Customize to suit their needs * Individualize the screen layout to match communication style * Adjust appearance (font, color, text size) to their liking * Configure prediction, abbreviation expansion and privacy settings * Enhance visual feedback with optional sentence or word highlighting * Add character and humor to conversations with free specialty voices * Access with Switch Control (iOS 7 only) or VoiceOver Speak their language * Download free natural-sounding Acapela voices within Proloquo4Text * Pick from 85 voices in 15 languages * Choose English, Spanish, French, German or Dutch for the user interface language * Switch languages on the fly Share their world * Send email, messages, tweets and Facebook posts from Proloquo4Text * Write in Proloquo4Text and copy text into another app * Listen to text by pasting into Proloquo4Text Take their voice anywhere * Use Proloquo4Text on their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and/or iPad mini * Communicate without an Internet connection "Proloquo4Text is the perfect complement to our symbol-based Proloquo2Go communication app," said David Niemeijer, founder and CEO of AssistiveWare. "Focusing on the essence of efficient and effective communication, we designed Proloquo4Text specifically for literate adults and children who cannot speak." AssistiveWare is also the developer of, Proloquo2Go(R), award-winning symbol-based communication app that provides a voice to over 75,000 individuals around the world. Device Requirements * iPhone, iPod touch and iPad * iOS 6 or later * 170 MB Pricing and Availability Proloquo4Text 1.0 is available exclusively on the App Store in the Medical category for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with a 50%-off introductory price of $64.99 (US), $69.99 (AU), 59.99 Euro (EU) and 44.99 GBP (UK). After that price will be $129.99 (US), $139.99 (AU), 109.99 Euro (EU) and 89.99 GBP (UK). AssistiveWare(R), a leading innovator of assistive technology software for iOS and Mac OS X with over 175,000 customers worldwide, is committed to collaborating with the global community to make a difference in peoples' lives. The company's flagship product, Proloquo2Go(R), is an award-winning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that provides a "voice" for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all. Founded in 2000, AssistiveWare was the first company to deliver universal access to Mac OS X with its award-winning KeyStrokes(TM) on-screen keyboard and the first to create genuine children's Text to Speech voices. Focused on its vision to empower people through innovative technology, AssistiveWare offers a wide-range of assistive technology products and services. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2013 AssistiveWare B.V. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. ### David Niemeijer CEO Netherlands