The New Educational iPad app Teach Me Apps: English for Kids

December 11, 2013 in Education (F)

[] Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia - BEE DIGITAL, s.r.o. has released a new educational application for the iPad(R) called Teach Me Apps: English for Kids. The app provides children ages 4 to 12 with an easy and entertaining approach to English learning using twelve educational games divided into three categories by age. The featured games were designed by learning experts with years of experience in childhood education.

The app helps children to develop basic English vocabulary, to boost speed of thought, and to learn spelling, counting, and much more. This is packaged in a uniquely designed application interface accompanied by fun music and sound effects. The application contains fully illustrated vocabulary words with pronunciation provided by a female native English speaker (US). This app combines fun with basic English knowledge for kids and parents, too.

In Teach Me Apps: English for Kids, children will enjoy:
* an illustrated alphabet
* twelve educational games divided into three categories by age (ages 4-12)
* uniquely illustrated vocabulary words
* fourteen vocabulary categories (Animals, Appliances, Clothes, Colors, Food, Fruit, Christmas, Music, Numbers, Shapes, The Body, The House, Tools, Vegetables)
* more than 300 words with pronunciation help
* vocabulary words recorded by a female US native speaker with a pleasant voice
* uniquely designed application interface accompanied by fun music and sound effects
* interface with no ads and no external links (secured parents section)
* no in-app purchases

Through these games, children can:
* enrich their vocabulary
* practice listening and spelling
* develop their memory and thinking skills
* recognize basic colors
* memorize the alphabet
* practice basic numbers and counting
* learn the parts of the human body
* acquire a positive attitude toward learning

Pricing and Availability:
Teach Me Apps: English for Kids is now available in the App Store for just $3.99 USD/ 2.49/3.59 Euro. You can also find the Free version of the app, which has the same functionality as the premium version but contains only four educational games and and features only 120 words. Teach Me Apps: English for Kids is designed for the iPad (2nd generation or newer) and requires OS 6.1.3 or newer.

BEE DIGITAL is two-member Slovak indie game development studio. The studio was founded in August 2012. In the beginning of January 2013, BEE DIGITAL decided to focus on its own projects, developing mainly for mobile platforms. BEE DIGITAL has released one multi-platform game called Volleyball Island and a few mobile applications for different fields (weather, lifestyle, entertainment). With the Teach Me Apps project, BEE DIGITAL has shifted its focus to educational applications and games for children and is planning more titles in this genre. Copyright (C) 2013 BEE DIGITAL. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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