ProgeCAD unveils the new version of iCADMac 2014

December 13, 2013 in Mac OSX (F)

[] Como, Italy - ProgeCAD is proud to unveil the new version of iCADMac 2014, the real AutoCAD alternative in the world of Apple.

iCADMac, a 2D/3D DWG/DXF- native CAD for Mac OS X, offers an ideal solution for Apple(R) users who can avail themselves of a cutting-edge CAD technology at a competitive price for their everyday design tasks. The software provides full compatibility with DWG, the CAD standard format recognised officially worldwide, as well as a vast range of tools and features to enhance 2D design and 3D modelling.

The DWG file format ensures thorough compatibility with AutoCAD(R) files from Version 2.5 up to V.2014. Having a familiar look-and-feel and hence no learning curve for AutoCAD(R) users, iCADMac can serve as a perfect AutoCAD(R) replacement.

Drawings created with iCADMac can be visualised and edited on iPad(TM), iPhone(R) and iPod touch(R) in the DWG and PDF file formats.

iCADMac is the first CAD software for Mac exclusively enabling export from DWG to 3D PDF to obtain an interactive 3D model of a project, displayable and editable simply with Adobe(R) Reader(R).
The PDF format facilitates sharing and revision of 3D models within a design team, among suppliers and customers.

iCADMac 2014 includes other advanced and exclusive functionality:
* Convert from PDF to DWG
* The iCADLib module to manage blocks libraries with over 22.000 ready-to-use blocks
* Free access to the Traceparts and Cadenas portals integrated in iCADLib

The new 2014 version has been boosted by implementation of a series of new commands:
* Better support of Mac OS Mountain Lion features and compatibility with Mavericks
* In place text editing
* New Express Tools: EXPLODETEXT to convert text to drawing entities and EXPLODEX to explode ellipses and splines
* SPELLCHECK command to check the spelling of all Texts in the drawing
* CALLOUT command to place boxed mark-up text in drawings with an arrow pointing to an object or location in the drawing
* CLOUD command with options Rectangular, Elliptical and Freehand to create revision clouds which indicate that certain areas require or contain revisions
* Field command to adds fields to update visible information such as modification date, drawing name, and author
* SMARTLEADER command to draw Leader lines that connect annotations to a drawing entity
* PDF and DGN Underlay. PDF and DGN files can be attached as an underlay to a drawing file and used as a background for your drawings
* LOFT command to create a new solid object or surface by specifying a series of cross sections
* MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT command to create a flat representation of 3D solid objects projected to the X-Y plane of the drawing
* Full support for customized paper size print
* Polygonal Viewports with clipping to clip the display of Viewports on the current Sheet at irregular shapes
* New Export formats: SAT, STL, EPS
* PDF Export Improvements. Support of PDF output options such as greyscale output, PDF layer support, TrueType font embedding and document properties support
* PACKANDGO command to create a package containing the current drawing and its dependent files such as References, referenced images, referenced PDF files, font files, font mapping files, PrintStyle files, and Print Configuration files
* VOICENOTE command to record audio notes and embed them in drawings
* Smartcalculator to display the Calculator dialog box and perform mathematical and trigonometric computations and measurement conversions. The command can be used transparently

Damiano Croci, CEO for ProgeCAD, comments: "iCADMac is the right tool to manage CAD projects in the Mac environment. The affordable price alongside with the provided quality functionality make our alternative product highly competitive compared to other CAD alternatives. Our company has always been striving to live up to expectations of its customers and to propose CAD solutions of the latest generation. The current version has actually been enhanced through implementation of such innovative and unique features as 3D PDF export. iCADMac is the only CAD software for MAC offering this feature".
The progeCAD team has also thought of the necessities of its customers who make use of the latest innovative devices such as iPAD, iPhone and iPOD. DWG drawings can be edited on iCADMac and sent free to iPAD, on which the drawings are visualised in the protected and advanced PDF file format. In this way, iCADMac users will always have their drawings at hand, even when they are working on the site.

For more information about iCADMac 2014, please visit our website and download a 30-day fully functional trial version. Moreover, you can gain a clear insight into iCADMac 2014 potential by taking a look at iCADMac video tutorials available on the official YouTube channel.

System requirements
* Mac OS X v10.6 or later
* x86 Intel processor
* 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
* 2 GB free disk space for download and installation (3 GB recommended)
* All graphics cards on supported hardware
* 1,024 x 768 display with true color
* Mac OS X-compliant printer

Located in Como, Italy, progeCAD is the leader in low cost 2D/3D CAD technology. At progeCAD we're dedicated to providing engineers, designers and other creative professionals with the tools they need to design the world's greatest products. Copyright (C) 2013 progeCAD. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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