Easy Markdown lets the user create web pages without any coding

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[prMac.com] Milano, Italy - Easy Markdown 1.3 by Tension Software lets the user create web pages without any coding. Easy Markdown is an OS X app to create text following the markdown rules.

A text written in Markdown is a plain text which looks correctly to humans as text and automatically translates in a correctly web pages coded in HTML. Using the markdown rules the user can create nice formatted text and automatically have good looking web pages.

A lot of people and company already use MarkDown because it is simply to master and offer the advantage to have both text and web in a single source.

Markdown is a fantastic concept to display correctly data both as text and as web pages without the need to manually change a single char. Easy Markdown offers the possibility to use markdown to all without a learning curve.

On Easy Markdown the plain text written on the left of the page becomes automatically a web page on the right of the window as-you-type. The user can immediately see the result and how it changes at any single keystroke. No coding required.

The application offers many helping tool to better format the page both in text and in its automatically obtained HTML version. The user can create correctly formatted web page without remembering the markdown rules thanks to the help from the app.

At any time the user can see live the web page as it is generated and modified plus, if requested, also the HTML auto-generated code. At any time the user can copy the resulting HTML code (to use it in other places or app). At any time the user can copy in addition also the RTF text to use it in other apps.

A snippets manager allows to have repetitive text ready to paste in any opened document. A custom CSS (Custom Style Sheet) can be used for the web page instant visualisation and the used CSS it can changed at any time via e popup menu. Tension Software has some CSS available at it's site to be used with Easy Markdown for test purpose.

* Optimised for Mavericks, runs also on Mountain Lion
* Can open up to 66 different (by extension) text files
* Shows the text and the auto generated web page as-you-type the plain text
* Can show both text, web and HTML code in collapsable split views
* Can copy the text, the HTML and an RTF version with a single click
* Enhanced editor with line numbers
* Smooth web update as-you-type. You will be amazed by it
* Variable font size for editor, HTML view and web view
* Easy insertion of markdown tags via toolbar
* Instant change of CSS in use upgrades the web page
* Snippets manager to have repetitive text ready to paste
* PDF Users Guide included

New in this release:
* Now it can directly open and edit up to 66 different (by extension) text file such as TEXT, TEXT, HTML, CSS and others common text files
* Bug fix regarding the loading at startup of pre-saved snippets code by the Snippets Manager

Minimum requirements:
* It requires minimum Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
* Price for Easy Markdown is $3.99 (USD) on the App Store

Tension Software started in 1997 developing Mac software for Mac OS Classic. Now Tension Software still develops Mac software for Mac OS X using the last Apple technology, Cocoa and Objective-C. All the current Mac production is made by Universal Applications native on both PPC Mac and Intel Mac. Other brands and products referenced herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Copyright (C) 2013 Tension Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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