WOWODC East 2009 - Two-day conference about WebObjects

July 8, 2009 in Seminars and Events (E)

[] Montreal, Canada - MacTI, BoxOffice Tickets and the WebObjects Community Association are pround to announce WOWODC East, a two-day conference about WebObjects, the Object Oriented Web framework from Apple.

"WebObjects is a powerful framework to create clean and data-driven Web (and Java) applications in a full OO ecosystem. You don't need to deal directly with SQL calls and the component model lets you re-use components. With the addition of Project Wonder, a massive Open Source add-on for WebObjects, you can add Web 2.0 features like Ajax and REST to your applications", says Pascal Robert, owner of MacTI and Steering Committee member.

WOWODC has two tracks : a complete 15 hour track for people new to the platform, this track will give you a strong overview of all the basics of WebObjects:

* Using the toolset (Eclipse and WOLips)

* Basics of EOF, the OORM framework inside WebObjects

* How to create re-usable components

* Dealing with validation of your data

* Adding Ajax features to your application

* How to deploy your applications

Advanced sessions are also available, including :

* Practical Wonder : learn how to add parts of Project Wonder to your projects

* Practical Deployment and Builds : learn how you can use tools like Capistrano, Hudson and Nagios to manage your builds and deployment

* Pratical JSON-RPC : see how you can add JSON-RPC to an existing project and how to integrate it with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

* Bookmarkable Urls With Dynamic Content : learn how to make the most of dynamic content and direct actions in combination with mod_rewrite.

* Case study. XeoTech will be demonstrating a powerful Enterprise level Healthcare solution (XeoMed) that unleashes the power of WebObjects and WOnder in a fully dynamic and expansive application.

* Open labs : Come join other WO developers in the labs so that everyone can share tips and tricks.

WOWODC East will be held held on August 29th and 30th in beautiful Montreal (Canada). Early-bird pricing is $350 (USD) up to August 1th 2009. Group discounts are also available.

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