Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom Now on iPhone and iPod Touch

July 10, 2009 in Travel (E)

[prMac.com] Kissimmee, Florida - Announcing the release of Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom(R) for the iPhone and iPod Touch by J. Jeff Kober of Performance Journeys, a training and development company. For business professionals who want to take their own organization to the next level, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, this unparalleled benchmarking & training tool reveals valuable and proven insights Disney employs at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom(R). It will bring to life creative ideas, insights, and lessons in a way no business book or lecture ever could.

President of Performance Journeys, and author of "The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney", J. Jeff Kober notes: "This work is a result of having made a study of the Walt Disney Company my entire life. In my unique leadership at Disney I was able to canvas the entire Disney operation to find the best ideas in customer service, innovation, team building and management. And with the technological ease, portability, and accessibility made possible by Apple, this is a truly unique App. Whether you're brainstorming for new ideas at the office, or literally touring through Walt Disney World with this app in hand, you'll be excited at the prospects of how you can make these ideas come alive in your own organization."

Jeff continues: "I love seeing these ideas get translated to actionable initiatives whether it's in a hospital, bank, store, or government institution. People "get Disney" and they are much more open to applying these important lessons to their own organizations. This iPhone and iPod Touch App helps you make those connections."

Disney at Work is filled with scores of insights and hundreds of photos that focus on lessons in customer loyalty, leadership, creativity, and even change management. Even the biggest Disney fan will find something new they didn't know before. This interactive showcase shares:

* Leadership stories of how Walt Disney and others built one of the greatest entertainment empires ever
* Onstage and up-close examples of how Disney pays attention to the details
* Outstanding industry and business ideas as practiced by management and operations in the park
* Little-known insights for how the culture of Walt Disney World succeeds in engaging Cast Members (employees) and delighting Guests (customers)
* Behind-the-scene examples of how the back of the house supports the onstage operation

Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom(R) will make you think about how you approach your work in a way you never thought of before! It's now available at the App Store for a limited time at $4.99 (USD). Also, look for future editions to be made available for the iPod Classic, iPod 5th Generation and iPod Nano.

Disney at Work: Magic Kingdom(R) by Performance Journeys is made possible through Notescasts. Both are independent of, and not associated with the Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries.

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