New Notewalk app transforms maps into geo-social playgrounds

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[] Ottawa, Canada - Ottawa, Canada - On January 28, 2014, a new app will change the way we see our surroundings. Notewalk will turn maps we generally use to get directions to our destinations into geo-social playgrounds, allowing us to leave notes about our discoveries and experiences everywhere we go. Navigate the map and read up on the talk of the town as locals and out-of-towners chat about the new or beloved places, people and events that define your city. With Notewalk, bring the focus in. Explore and share what's happening around you, in your neighbourhood. After all, it's a two-way street!

We know what you're thinking-top apps already enable geotagging, and commenting on places or occurring events isn't a new concept. Everyone knows the comings and goings of their social network, and then some! But that's precisely where the fun with Notewalk begins. You aren't following old, new or ambiguous acquaintances, adding them as friends, or checking in to places for them to see your every move. Instead, you're discovering the community you actually live in. You're sharing your perspective on locations, events, and groups that lend your neighbourhood its unique vibe. You're checking out what the others are saying. You're asking questions and engaging in conversation. Most important of all, you're only taking note of what matters to you. And if what matters to you is where you've been and what you've seen, instead of everyone else's thoughts and feelings, set your notes to 'Private' and watch as Notewalk becomes your own little travel journal.

However you wish to use it, here's a quick breakdown of what puts Notewalk and its users on the map:


Notewalk is the perfect app to discover something new nearby. Of course, you can find out what's hot in the next city, but going local is more than a trend, it's a way of life. Great things are happening around you, right now. Let Notewalk show you.


Once you're at your newly discovered destination, take a minute to take it all in. Write notes about your experiences, and place them on the map for future reference and for others to see. Keep the ball rolling.


Notewalk is a great tool for connecting and collaborating with your community. Listen in on the chatter around you. Haven't found what you were hoping to? Ask questions and see the response shed light on an array of possibilities. Engage in conversation. Find out what connects you beyond your proximity. Organize or promote social events, and turn the newfound sense of community into a reality. Making friends with neighbours doesn't have to be a thing of our childhood past.

Get Started

On January 28th, Notewalk will be available for free download on the App Store for your iPhone. We hope you'll check it out. Don't forget to share your experience with Notewalk itself. Leave your comments or suggestions on Facebook or Twitter, or send them in by email.

There's a reason why they say the journey is half the fun-you make unexpected discoveries and memories that redefine the way you see places and people. Notewalk is all about that journey, as well as sharing and living it with others. Join in!

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We want to give the map we generally use to get directions to our destination a more social and collaborative significance.


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