RoundTable selected for new crowdfunding platform

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[] San Francisco, California - RoundTable selected as first project for new crowdfunding platform selected the RoundTable app as the first project to host on their new crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding platform, called Backer, was announced on January 25. One week later, on January 31, the first campaign went live with the RoundTable app. The campaign reached over 25% of its funding target in the first day.

RoundTable is a collaboration tool designed for groups. Allowing people to chat securely, sharing documents and images with an easy-to-use, no-fuss, native Mac application. The retail price of the app will be $20 but early backers are able to get a discount of up to 75% by committing to pre-order the product.

RoundTable is being developed by Peer Assembly, a software development company based in Wicklow, Ireland. Their other products include productivity apps Focus Time and Goal Streaks as well as the localization tool, Linguan.

"Kickstarter is not really suitable for this type of software project and we're trilled with the Backer platform" said Denis Hennessy, CEO of Peer Assembly.

The funding campaign will run until March 2, 2014. Show your support by backing the project at the link provided below.

Peer Assembly is an app developer based in Wicklow, Ireland. Its apps include Focus Time, Goal Streaks and Linguan. Copyright (C) 2014 Peer Assembly. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.