WhoPaste 2.0 - A Power Tool for Daylite, GMail, Entourage & Address Book

July 15, 2009 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] Austin, Texas - Mac-Chi announces WhoPaste 2.0, a major upgrade to their cutting-edge contact utility for Mac OS X. WhoPaste 2.0 adds significant product extensibility targeted at both world-wide and niche markets; augments existing Daylite support with more data options and match detection; and sports a sleek new user interface. WhoPaste 2.0 continues support for all the leading address books for Macintosh including Apple's Address Book, Marketcircle's Daylite, Google's Contacts, and Microsoft's Entourage.

With WhoPaste installed there's no need to type or copy/paste data into individual fields to create a contact. Simply copy contact information as your find it on web pages, in emails or text documents, even in spreadsheets. WhoPaste interprets the data, places it into the appropriate field, and interacts with the storage system - saving you time and increasing accuracy. You're more likely to store more data if it is easy to do so.

WhoPaste is nearly effortless to use; it is instantly available via a hot key or an optional system wide contextual menu. Its deceptively simple single window belies a powerful extensible extraction engine and a rich user interface.

WhoPaste 2.0 institutes language-based hint files for organization names, job titles, and street addresses. These hint files allow WhoPaste to readily adapt to non-English languages and to niche markets with specialized vocabularies. WhoPaste 2.0 also introduces user-managed contact titles, contact suffixes, and a list of values to be ignored. Simply drop a text file on any of the managed lists to bulk edit these files. WhoPaste also supplies an in-process context menu for adding new values to any of these lists on the fly.

WhoPaste 2.0 also introduces country-based parameters, which specify phone number and postal code formatting thereby making extractions more accurate in every user's home country.

WhoPaste has always furnished a citation for the source of the information but with version 2.0 the citation is now been completely accessible with AppleScript. Sample scripts are provided for Safari, Mail, Pages, TextEdit, Microsoft Word and Excel. User written scripts for other scriptable applications may be installed at any time by simply placing a new script into a designated folder.

WhoPaste 2.0 support for the award-winning Daylite now allows users to specify the Industry, Region, and Type for new Organizations and to create Organizations without Contacts. These options are in addition to the Category, Keywords, Priority, and Tagline values that were already available in WhoPaste. Match detection is now available at both the Contact (email address) and Organization (name) level. Match detection allows the user to inspect the data directly in Daylite and to determine the desired outcome.

WhoPaste provides additional options for each of the address book storage options: multiple group assignments for both Address Book and Google Contacts and multiple projects and categories for Entourage

The WhoPaste 2.0 interface uses a sleek minimalist toolbar-based paradigm. All data can now be simply dragged and dropped between any data elements. You can use 'Option' drag to copy data. Onscreen widgets provide for adjustments to extraction policies and reevaluation on the fly. More robust case conversion rules have been added as well as new logging options for enhanced troubleshooting capabilities

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4.3 Tiger or later (Leopard Compatible)
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 5.8 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
WhoPaste 2.0 is available for only $10.00 (USD) for a single machine license, and is a free update to existing owners. A free trial version is available for download. The trial version allows saving 20 extracted contacts. A WhoPaste Media Review License Key is available upon request.

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