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starQuiz Testing Software Upgraded to Version 3.5.1

Hortonville, WISCONSIN    Jul 19, 2007 in Educational


An update to the computerized testing software tool starQuiz has been released, bringing bugfixes and enhancements to the secure and easy-to-use computerized testing tool. The new release includes significant advances in testing security, speed, and flexibility.



July 19, 2007 - cosmicsoft today released starQuiz 3.5.1, an update to its powerful and user-friendly computerized testing software product. The new release includes significant advances in testing security, speed, and flexibility.

starQuiz allows educators and corporate trainers to create computerized tests and upload them to the Internet, where students can access them from any Internet-connected computer. By automatically grading the tests, starQuiz saves hundreds of hours of work in correcting tests and recording scores. Advanced results analysis is easy with tables, graphs, and statistics; scores can even be automatically transferred to a gradebook with just one click.

starQuiz Version 3.5.1 further improves the user experience, increasing integration with starQuiz Server while enhancing the simple and powerful interface. The release also brings bugfixes in quiz uploads, font handling, and LDAP authentication.

A free 15-day trial of starQuiz can be downloaded from the cosmicsoft site. A single-user license for starQuiz costs $40 and includes unlimited quiz uploads to the server.


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Founded in 2000, cosmicsoft is dedicated to providing software for the education, training, and assessment industries. Its flagship software product starQuiz offers educators and trainers an easy-to-use solution for computerized testing.


Adam Ernst
Product Spokesperson


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