New 2014 Apple MacBook Pro Retina In Colors

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[] Hollywood, California - Getting your MacBook Pro custom built by Alchaemy is the newest trend for A-listers in Hollywood. No more having the same boring pedestrian grey MacBook Pro as everyone else. Check out the video link below marked "App in action", to see how in two minutes you can have the coolest MacBook anyone has ever seen!

Alchaemy lets you build your Custom color MacBook pro retina in your choice of 15 colors or 24kt Gold and custom back-light logo. It's amazing! They use the same process as Apple so it looks and feels the exact same as Apple's normal finish just in your choice of colors. Their prices start at $299.

Not only that, if you damage your out of warranty MacBook pro, lets say you spill your coffee on it or crack the LCD you can get it repaired and customized by Alchaemy for cheaper than the Apple Store would charge just for the repair. You don't have to be a "Genius" to go with Alchaemy.

The coolest thing is their fun online app, which lets you design your system on your computer. You can pick the color and create your own back light logo. That's right you don't just have to get the Apple logo, you can have your stage name light up, company logo light up whatever you want.

Alchaemy even offers the 15" and 17" models of the MacBook Pro which you can't get from Apple anymore. You can get them new or refurbished. The price of getting a refurbished customized MacBook Pro from Alchaemy is cheaper than getting it from Apple in standard grey. Make your MacBook pro a head turner with Alchaemy. Don't just Think different, look different.

Device Requirements:
* MacBook Pro, Retina, Air family
* iPad Family
* iPhone 4s/5s family
* 2013 Mac Pro
* Beats by Dre Pro

Pricing & Availability:
* Varies by customization request and system to be customized
* Basic customizations start as lows $99

Alchaemy is an Apple customization shop located in Los Angeles California which specializes in repairs, anodizing, plating, laser engraving and custom back-light logos. Alchaemy was founded in 2011 and serves corporations, artist and everyday consumers. Copyright (C) 2014 Alchaemy. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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