Is Anyone Listening to Your Presentation?

July 15, 2009 in Business (E)

[] San Francisco, CA - Rexi Media has just released the first presentations skills iPhone app, Presenter Pro, designed to help business presenters be heard over the corporate noise, clutter, and distraction of digital leashes. Often over-tasked and disenchanted in the business space, listeners attend a presentation with the intent to multitask.

How can you attract and sustain an audience's attention? Presenter Pro helps you to stand out and be heard. Here are a few examples of techniques you can use right away in your presentations.

Attract attention to your topic immediately by using the power of contrast. Audiences who are in a time-crunch always appreciate the opportunity to understand complex concepts quickly and make decisions fast. Contrast helps you do that by helping the brain process information more rapidly and providing shortcuts to decision making. If you're presenting the release of a new phone that helps with productivity by storing lots of information, contrast it with what it means to takes notes on paper or on your hand. Or if you're presenting about a piece of exercise equipment that is easy and painless to use, contrast it with the effort and difficulty of floor exercises. Contrasts offer shortcuts to thinking and making decisions.

You can also get an audience to pay attention when you use metaphors and paint a picture in your audience's minds about the benefits and attractions of your topic. Imagine using a railway metaphor to symbolize getting from the familiar to the unknown, or a traffic jam to symbolize slow networks, or sedimentary rocks to display different layers in your organization.

Such metaphors attract attention because they refer to concepts that an audience's mind already has in storage. The argument becomes easier and faster when you introduce new and complex topics. You can find these guidelines and more in the Presenter Pro mobile app. Use the battle-tested and research-proven principles from this app to add confidence, excellence, uniqueness, and even increased revenue when you apply these principles.

Take advantage of the introductory low price before August 1st. And if you are tempted to view the app when someone else is speaking, it's because they need this app.

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