GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.2.0 - More Than 100 Building Blocks

July 17, 2009 in Image Editing (E)

[] Copenhagen/Denmark - Opcoders today released GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.2.0, a free update to their powerful Mac OS X graphics editor. Perfect for web designers that need to compose seamless tiling textures, trim pixels, prepare thumbnails and add shadows, plus much more! A round milestone is crossed, the 100 building blocks.

Improvements since last major release (1.1.0) are 13 new building blocks, documentation for 30 blocks, extended 5 blocks with new features and a longer document that describes node-for-node compatibility with Apple Shake and some minor changes. The homepage has been extended with a gallery that shows a glimpse what GDT can do.

* Documented 30 blocks
* Added an Apple Shake to GDT guide
* Added a "Match" block for three point color adjustments
* Added a "Lens" block for fish eye/magnifying glass effects
* Added a "Kaleido" block for kaleidoscope symmetries
* Added a "RGB Leak" block for 3 strip technicolor effects
* Added a "Tritone" block for 3 tone color effects
* Added a "Twirl" block for whirlpool spiral effects
* Added a "To Polar" block for converting to polar coordinates
* Added a "From Polar" block for converting from polar coordinates
* Added a "Matte" block for converting between premultiplied and normal bitmaps
* Added a "Clamp" block filter for limiting the color range
* Added a "Solarize" block filter for inverting part of the color range
* Added a "Dicol" block filter for meaturing DIstance from COLor
* Extended Mix block with the modes: inside, outside, in, out, atop, xor, screen
* Extended Invert block with channel reorder functionality
* Extended Extract block with 4 new modes: Average, Median, Min, Max
* Extended Histogram block with 3 new parameters: Ignore, Max, Amplify
* Extended Waveform block with 2 new parameters: Mode, Grid Divisions
* Added a "Camouflage1.box1" project to the Texture sample pack
* Added content to "Logos4.box1" so it now has: nuclear, skull, biohazard, metal
* Added "Kaleidoscope1.box1" to "Sample Pack - Textures"
* Reworked the "Metal2.box1" sample to use the latest blocks
* Changed default size for "Gradient" from 500x500 to 512x512
* Changed default size for "Fault" from 500x500 to 512x512
* Changed default size for "Crop" from 500x500 to 512x512
* Renamed the "Thumbnail" block to "Fit" so it matches with Apple Shake
* Renamed the "Transform" blocks "Interpolate" parameter to "Anti Aliasing"
* Renamed the "Stripe" blocks "Mode" parameter to "Anti Aliasing"
* Renamed the "Chaos" blocks "Function Seed" parameter to "Seed"
* Renamed "Normal" to "BumpMap" which is a less technical name
* Renamed "Color" to "RGB Cycle" which is less vauge
* Renamed "HSCB" to "HSV Adjust" which is less vauge
* Better description for the "Range" block
* Fixed memory leak in the "Waveform" block
* Fixed wrong usage of english in the "Arrow" block description
* Fixed typos in "MakeTile" and "Repeat" blocks
* Bugfixes

Feature highlights:
* Single window editor
* Unified bitmap/vector compositing
* 101 building blocks
* Getting Started pdf included, 27 pages
* Multiple difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard
* 3 fast-access example projects accessible at launch, many more available online

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 or later
* 1 GB system RAM
* Graphics card with 64 MB video RAM
* 20 MB hard drive space

Pricing and Availability:
GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.2.0 can be downloaded from the homepage. A single user license can be purchased for 29.95 Euros ($42.95 USD). Media and interested parties may request license codes for reviewing.

Opcoders is a privately funded company founded in 2006 by Simon Strandgaard in Copenhagen, Denmark. Opcoders main focus is the development of GraphicDesignerToolbox for the Mac platform.


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