ZenSwitch 1.0: OS X Notification Center under control

April 2, 2014 in Software (F)

[prMac.com] Madrid, Spain - Don't let Notification Center interrupt your work! For such cases, ZenSwitch 1.0 from Macsoluciones is the perfect, minimal, and unobtrusive tool that lets you decide when to have the Notification Center switched Off (deactivated, without nasty incoming alerts), or let the Notification Center to do its job again.

When you launch ZenSwitch for first time, it is possible to decide between automatically opening this small and useful utility each time you startup your Mac, or manually launching it from your Applications folder instead. Anyway, if you change your mind later, it is also possible to set this behavior from ZenSwitch's Preferences window.

ZenSwitch uses a minimum of computer resources and its use is faster that other OS X options, as for example, the Not Disturb feature or even managing the Notification Center directly from the System Preferences Panel.

Will you lose the received notifications if you disable the Notification Center feature? No at all! Once you enable it again, your notifications will be waiting there, so you will not lose any alert.

Pricing and Availability:
ZenSwitch 1.0 is available in English and Spanish from the Macsoluciones website for OS X 10.8 and later, and helps you to stay highly productive in 'The Zone' for free. And remember, using ZenSwitch you'll win extra Karma.

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