Michael A. Clasen Consulting Releases Version 1.0 of ContactZ - Final

July 24, 2007 in FileMaker (E)


Walnut Creek, CA - Monday, July 23, 2007 - MacConsulting, a FileMaker Business Alliance Partner, today announced the release ContactZ(TM) for FileMaker Pro. Ten years in the making, this product was previously released as MacContacts version 3 and now has been completely rewritten to maximize the features in the latest releases of Filemaker Pro.

Contactz(TM) is a command center for small business. A single or multi-user program that functions as a Business Activity Center, Contactz(TM) manages all of a company’s communication needs in one easy-to-use database management (DBMS) system that keeps track of the many tasks that a business requires.

Available in standalone versions for Mac and Windowsâ€"using Filemaker Runtime Engine, no additional software neededâ€"as well as a full Filemaker version for Single and Multi user systems. Truly cool software.

Key Features Include:
- Contact Management
- Multiple Addresses
- Multiple Emails
- Followup Dates
- Notes with Ticklers
- Email to One
- Email Blast to Many
- Extensive Notes & Tasks Management
- Kwikfind(TM)
- Communications Center
- Project Management
- Labels & Envelopes.
- Communications Logs
- Easily Export to Excel & PDF
- Single & Multi User System
- Tracks Payment & Fees
- Manage Project Photos
- Digital Document Library
- Easily Customized
- Special Features:
- Manage Email Campaigns with Message Masters System and complete logging for tracking

Complete Project Management System includes Project description and overview, Notes and Tickler Follow-up dates reminders, Project Finance tracking fees and payments, Project Photo system, Docs Library that can include any digital file: Word, Excel, PDFs, JPGs and more, automated Map feature combined with innumerable ease-of-use features

Search Feature allows you to grab sets of Contacts by popup list of categories in seconds.

Kwikfind(TM) feature allows the basic user to find by Last Name, First Name, or Client name with just a few keystrokes

Complete Notes Management System with followup dates, active notes filtering, write it in a note and never lose or forget client info again - active notes reminder link on client startup screen main menu

Communications Center for single emails, email blasts to many, fax and fax blast, Labels, Envelope printing, Communications Master Library for standard messages for reuse in emails, faxes etc. Finally a way for mere mortals to manage their email campaigns. Each email is sent individually to avoid limitations imposed by some ISPs.

Fully working versions now available from website at http://www.mclasen.com/contactz/download.html.

Payment through Paypal available on the download page. Further customization available upon request.

Screenshots of program at http://www.mclasen.com/contactz/ss.html - slideshows in 3 formats.

Michael A. Clasen has extensive experience with FileMaker Pro works in a wide range of environments helping to give a unique insight into the business database needs of a company. Specializing in working with existing projects to enhance and upgrade them to take the full advantage of the relational and interface features of FileMaker Pro.


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