Chocolate Lab Apps Launches Kids App Business Tech Scholarship Program

April 24, 2014 in iAnnouncements (E)

[] Dublin, Ireland - Getting access to mobile technology education is something that is still a major issue in most countries in the world - whether it's a local school in Texas or a rural school in South America. For young students around the world, getting access to practical information on how to publish an app, learning about app store optimization and app marketing, is something that is not very accessible.

Elaine Heney from Chocolate Lab Apps is one example of how someone with drive & passion can start a tech business and succeed - outside the geographic restrictions of Palo Alto and without a technical background.

"Not everyone lives in Silicon Valley. I've build a very profitable app publishing business from Ireland. I don't do any of the coding myself. One of the main issues I found is that practical proven advice on starting an app business is very difficult to find on the internet."

To remedy this situation, Heney now teaches app entrepreneurship the Chocolate Lab Mobile App University, but wanted to take it one step further.

"I wanted to create a program so kids - anywhere in the world - could get started in the app business for free" says Heney. "I strongly believe that 'CEO' is just as valid a career choice for young people as becoming a doctor, mechanic or bartender. And I wanted to bring them the information they need to make this a reality."

Today, her company Chocolate Lab Apps has announced a new scholarship program for kids. For every online app course bought, Heney will donate one free app course to a young student somewhere in the world - from Eastern Europe to Peru & beyond. By 2015 she aims to donate online app courses to young students in every county in the world.

"My goal is to donate app business courses to every country in the world by 2015. I want to help as many students as possible improve their technology and mobile app skills & create a better future for them & their families".

Chocolate Lab Apps are currently inviting students who are interested in this program to apply through their website, Chocolate Lab Apps.

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