Press Release Filling PDF Forms with Data in Large Numbers Jul 26, 2007 in Software Frequently companies having a big customer base need forms for the field service already filled with customer data, which then only have to be partly completed. Banks, savings banks and insurance companies for example can record applications very much faster and easier this way. For this purpose, the software company UNIVERSE Software GmbH from Solingen is now presenting pdf-FieldMerge 5.0. [] The product pdf-FieldMerge is particularly aimed at users, who want to generate individualised PDF forms easily. PDF forms can be filled or corrected in predefined fields, but by request they also include a multitude of fixed information, like for example customers' master data, which can not be changed. These "personalised" PDF forms can not be generated from a word processing software, but they require special solutions - particularly when it is about many data records. From the most varying data sources, like e.g. Excel, data bases, files in FDF and X/FDF format or from external applications, pdf-FieldMerge fills PDF form files with any number of data records at the touch of a button. The rest of the manual filling can then be done without any problems by the free Adobe Reader. Whether text, figures or pictures are to be processed - pdf-FieldMerge combines a data source with a PDF form template and places the requested information to the appropriate positions in the document. In addition, the rights of the form fields, like write protection etc., can be set automatically during processing or the conversion of a form field into text can be done. Besides that, the newest version 5.0 is providing an again noticeably simplified handling, so that now even laypersons quickly reach the desired results in the easiest way. Tailored to the requirements of the banking and insurance sector with extremely high numbers of customers, pdf-FieldMerge is now also going to process an optionally large number of data records very much faster in one process. pdf-FieldMerge is suitable for the use at single PCs, servers, as well as for running at Web providers and for the integration into one's own applications. The program is available for Windows 98 and later, MacOSX and Linux, and costs $122.00. A free test version is available for download at UNIVERSE Software GmbH develops and distributes powerful and simple to use PDF software solutions, 100% Adobe compatible, 90% less expensive. All products are based on innovative JAVA technologies. Focus is the ease of use, a high efficiency and productivity. Based on these components UNIVERSE provides solutions to create PDF forms and files, save filled out PDF forms, auto fill in PDF forms, disable restricted operations on PDF files, recover passwords, process PDF forms data, convert FDF etc. ### Thomas Baecker President 0049212334450 Germany