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[] Clearwater, Florida - ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, the sources for extended technology worldwide, are excited to announce a new limited time bundle that offers users a Free InData for InDesign or Xdata for QuarkXPress with purchase of InCatalog for InDesign or Xcatalog for QuarkXPress. Users can save $400/GBP258 until June 30, 2014.

"Em Software has been in the data publishing and editorial tools business for over two decades now, and is one of the earliest Adobe InDesign and Quark XTension developers in the world," states Tami Stodghill, Press Relations Manager. "Em Software was one of the very first InDesign Plug-in developers (recruited by Adobe before InDesign 1.0 shipped). They are known for their stable, money-saving solutions and exceptional service. Any user working with a database in InDesign or QuarkXPress will benefit greatly by adding Em Software solutions to their production tools."

Users who work with a database and InDesign or QuarkXPress can spend countless hours getting data back and forth "the hard way." InCatalog is a Plug-in to Adobe InDesign and Xcatalog is an XTension to QuarkXPress that enable users to link document elements (both text and graphics!) to corresponding database elements, and give them the power to update in both directions (document from database, database from document). They can also make locale-sensitive versions (e.g., changing prices or swapping languages) and more.

InCatalog/Xcatalog can help users automate the publishing, updating, and versioning of projects ranging from one-page advertising flyers displaying a handful of products, to thousand-page industrial products catalogs detailing tens of thousands of products.

InCatalog or Xcatalog use delimited ASCII text files created from any database, spreadsheet, or other application, FileMaker Pro under Mac OS, or on-line using any ODBC-accessible database under Mac OS or Windows (Pro version only). Once installed, InCatalog and Xcatalog become a seamless part of the InDesign or QuarkXPress publishing system.

Using InCatalog or Xcatalog, users can:
* Solve version control headaches
* Update in both directions
* Enjoy flexible data sources and destinations
* Use transparent data linking
* Move links between documents and libraries transparently, for ease of building new documents from old document elements with links intact
* Update interactively as they work
* Greatly speed up creation
* Use one-step batch updating
* Work with multiple documents and data sources/destinations
* Get automatic price styling
* Use powerful key linking options
* Use tagged text
* Use multiple picture placement options
* Be flexible in graphic file naming
* Automate with scripting
* Script all updating operations for powerful workflow automation.
* Enjoy full Unicode support

Working with InData or Xdata, users can set up a prototype, point it at a data source (a plain text file that's been exported), and it will automatically create a continuous linked document, generating additional pages as necessary and containing all the records formatted according to your prototype. Both tools can also optionally add running headers and footers that are auto-generated with contextual content.

While it's true that InData/Xdata can perform mail merges, very much like those within Microsoft(R) Word(R), the term mail merge doesn't even begin to tell the story. These high-powered tools provide full automation of price lists, catalogs, directories, and even one-to-one marketing pieces.

InData or Xdata automate the formatting of documents containing repeating data units such as catalogs, directories, mailing labels, price lists, and schedules, supporting both text and graphics. Formerly, each separate element in such documents had to be formatted by hand.

InData/Xdata automatically apply the format the user specifies to each element of information as it is imported from the original data source. Both products accept data in the major Macintosh and Windows data exchange file formats, enabling them to be used with textual data created in all major database and spreadsheet packages, or even with data created by hand in a word processor.

InData/Xdata do far more than just import text. The real power lays in the support of Boolean expressions. The most well-known examples of Boolean expressions are the and, or, and not operators. For example, users could check the field that contains gender information and if the content indicates male for a single record, users could set the salutation of a letter to Mr. and if the gender indicates female, set the salutation to Ms.

Using InCatalog/Xcatalog and InData/Xdata, the reduction of time and frustration make them well worth the investment - from the very first job.

The Data Publishing Bundle is available now for a limited time through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites or call.

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