FileMaker Newsletter - FileMaker IM Sample, Applescript and more

July 30, 2009 in FileMaker (E)

[] Richmond, VA - Every month FMWebschool releases an exciting FileMaker newsletter to over 8800 FileMaker enthusiasts. Each issue is chock full of free FileMaker sample files, how-to workshops and articles on how to grow your business. To make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to get the FM Messenger and Mac Address Sync sample files be sure to sign up before Monday August 3rd.

This month we have a wonderful treat for you. FM Messenger enables you to send messages, chat, send photos, files, PDF's, and web links all from within FileMaker. FM Messenger enables you to enjoy a full featured chat experience. Many companies do not allow their employees to connect to the internet, or allow third party chat applications. FM Messenger solves this problem.
Now, you never have to leave your desk to communicate with fellow employees. FM Messenger is extremely easy to set up. An entire office can be messaging and exchanging files in a matter of minutes. This is a free completely open FileMaker Program.

Mac Address Sync is a mixture of Applescript and FileMaker. In this sample file we use AppleScript to import and export a specific group of contacts in your Address Book. It is implemented fully with AppleScript and does not require any external plug-ins. After you synchronize your FileMaker contacts with the Apple Address Book, you are then able to automatically sync those contacts to your iPhone or any other device that can sync with Address Book.

We will also be continuing the "Micro Focus" article series. This series discusses individual's inability to focus for more than a few seconds. Is Twitter and instant messaging destroying our ability to concentrate and focus? How does this affect your life or your job? This is an interesting article that delves into how online activities affect our social behaviors.

If you are a FileMaker enthusiast and you would like to learn how to be a more creative programmer, or if you would like to learn how to market and grow your business - the FMWebschool newsletter is just what you need. We only send our newsletter out once a month. This issue will be released on August 3rd - so be sure to subscribe right away.

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