Bombing Brain Interactive Announces Teleprompt+ 3 for iOS

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[] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Bombing Brain Interactive today announced the availability of Teleprompt+ 3, the next generation of their industry-leading teleprompter app for iOS. The all-new Teleprompt+ 3 is now a universal application that can be run on any iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod touch capable of running iOS 7. Featuring a completely new user interface optimized for iOS 7, and tons of new features such as rich text and quick-editing while prompting, Teleprompt+ 3 is biggest and best update of the the software to date.

"Today's launch of Teleprompt+ 3 is a huge milestone in our company history." said Gene Whitaker, CEO of Bombing Brain Interactive. "For the past 4 years, Teleprompt has been the standard for teleprompting on iOS, but still we needed to do better. We had to top ourselves. We had been working on Teleprompt+ 3 for almost a year when Apple released iOS 7 last fall. That was a game-changer for us. The power of iOS 7 offered us the ability to bring our users many of their most-requested features, but to do so we had to rethink a lot of the way we were doing things under the hood. We ended up re-writing the app from scratch. Teleprompt+ 3 is the result of over two years of development and a completely new app optimized for iOS 7 and the latest hardware."

Teleprompt+ 3's new features include rich-text editing - highlight certain words, sentences or paragraphs in your script using color, bold, italic, underlining, and indentation for emphasis or to identify lines for different speakers. Quick-editing while prompting allows you to pause and modify scripts on-the-fly during prompting sessions. Importing of scripts has now been expanded to support the import of Microsoft Word and RTF file formats. Export scripts, audio and video files directly to online document sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The new audio and video recording console allows you to control recording functions directly while prompting. The completely re-written remote control capability allows you to pair and control multiple iOS 7 devices from a single iPad or iPhone with ease.

"Despite being the most advanced version of Teleprompt ever offered, Teleprompt+ 3 still remains extremely simple to use." Gene also commented. "You can be up and prompting within a matter of minutes of installing the app. We never lost sight of that - the best software products have always been easy to use. We've always been careful to design even the most advanced professional capabilities with simplicity in mind."

Teleprompt+ 3 offers a simple and clean new editing interface that can be expanded and explored with just a few taps or by using hand gestures. For those wishing to dig deeper and understand the full capabilities of the app, the integrated help screen includes a completely new 56-page user manual, all-new instructional videos, and of course links to contact Bombing Brain's highly-regarded customer support.

Bombing Brain Interactive is an independently owned and operated company located in the Philadelphia, PA area. Its mission is to identify fun and unconventional uses for Apple's revolutionary mobile products and make them a reality. Its Teleprompt+ applications for iPad, iPhone, and OS X are industry standards for professional teleprompter software solutions. Copyright (C) 2014 Bombing Brain Interactive. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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