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[] Mountain View, California - A team of five want to head to the Mojave Desert for two weeks to build Zook Words - which is a reinvention of Scrabble - just minus the cheats and with a few extra levels of strategy. They're on Kickstarter now but didn't take the normal humdrum approach of a nice 'This is us, and here is a our product video.' Simon Brooks, inventor of Zook Words who had to take one for the team and do the video himself joked "I'm going on Kickstarter to kick the f-ing doors in".

The team is based out of the world-famous Hacker Dojo in the heart of Silicon Valley. Other products with startup roots at the Hacker Dojo include Pinterest and Pebble Watch - so they're in good company.

With a video budget of zero Brooks rewrote the lyrics to the classic vulgar drinking song 'Good Ship Venus' also known as 'Friggin in the Riggin', made famous by The Sex Pistols, and turned them into 'Hacking in the Desert'. He included a fun verse about each team member highlighting the chemistry and dynamics of the team. With a successful Kickstarter this newly formed team will head to the desert to build their game, and have a great new experience that they've named 'HacktusJack'. They'd love to grow it into an annual event, kinda like a Burning Man, but for the hackathon and makathon communities.

Zook Words eliminates the usefulness of current technology cheat packs, which have ruined the user experience for honest Scrabble and Words With Friends players. It also has extra levels of strategy making the game even more fun. It comes with a bigger board, and two rows of contrasting value tiles. Game play itself is 'same but different'.

Brooks already has one word game on the App Store called 'Gadzookery' - which while fun to play also builds vocabulary, and boosts creative writing skills. The development for that game was outsourced to which Brooks said "Never again, outsourcing was a frigging nightmare!" For his second word game, armed with experience, he's built a team and kept the emphasis on fun.

For more information head on over to 'The Great Punk 'n' Words Kickstarter!'

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