Smooth Background Removal Made Available by PhotoScissors

in Image Editing (F)

[] Moscow, Russian Federation - Accurate background removal remains one of the most common tasks in design. Tools offering such options are not rare birds; the problem, though, is that most of them require a certain skill level to accomplish the job in acceptable time and with decent quality.

PhotoScissors by TeoreX has already been acclaimed by users as a simpler yet functional alternative to monstrous graphic software. With few mouse gestures the app detects fore- and background parts of the image and separates one from the other. In addition, the new version recently released by TeoreX smoothly feathers the edges of the cut for a top-notch look. Conveniently, feathering radius can be now changed depending on user's needs.

Also, a user can easily select background and foreground areas of the image both on "before" and "after" views. Among other functions featured in the update are the recent file list for instant access to frequently used files, the support for HiDPI and Retina displays, a convenient option to pan the image while holding the Space button and few more GUI improvements making the work with the program more of a pleasure than duty.

PhotoScissors is extremely friendly to new users, so removing a background from a photo is an absolutely effortless and time-efficient task now. Not overloaded with multiple features, PhotoScissors is devoted to just one job and doing it well.

Pricing and availability:
The price for a single license of PhotoScissors is $19.99. PhotoScissors is available both for Windows and Mac OS X users.

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