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drop, free abstract arcade physics game for iPhone

Tallinn,  EE   May 28, 2014 in Games


Independent mobile developer, Tanel Teemusk today introduces drop 1.0.0, a free abstract arcade physics game for iPhone and iPod touch. Drop is a simple and exciting colourful but challenging physics based game. Use your finger to remove randomly generated obstacles from the way of the ball and let it drop safely on grass. The faster you do this the more you score. With Game Center support, there are great achievements and goals that will keep you busy for hours.


[] Tallinn, Estonia - Tanel Teemusk, independent mobile developer and UX designer announced today the immediate release of drop 1.0.0, a free abstract arcade physics game for iPhone and iPod touch. Drop is a fun and simple little game. A ball drops from the top of your screen. The goal is to get it to land safely on the grass. There are obstacles on the screen that user can move to make way for the ball. The faster the ball drops the bigger the score. There will be a score bonus waiting if a level is cleaned quick and tidy. The amount of obstacles increases while the game progresses.

Your score can be shared and compared to friends via Apple Game Center. There are also plenty of tricky but doable achievements that make the game more engaging and fun.

Drop is designed with minimalistic approach. All the game components that can be taken away have been removed. This results to only using the components that are essential to a good gameplay. All bells and whistles have been left out.
"It has been a challenge to kill many great ideas during the development and design process. A lot of functional and aesthetic testing time has been spent. Sometimes coming back to the design and making it more simple.", says Tanel Teemusk, the designer/developer of the game.

The game features:
* Minimalism right on users fingertips - No disturbances of the perfect gameplay
* Great achievements and goals that keep you busy for hours
* Quite difficult to score high, but possible
* Great for all ages, easy to learn
* Leaderboard option
* Amazingly simple yet well polished little arcade game
* Native language gameplay in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese
* Designed for iPhone works on iPad

"The game is simple, with a really shallow learning curve. I could win a level with a rather nice score on the third try. However to score really high, one has to be extremely quick and nimble," says Bent Rushmore, one of the beta testers of drop.

Game was built on Appcelerator Titanium platform using Platino game engine by For physics simulation Chipmunk physics engine was used. Drop is distributed for free and features in-app-purchase to remove ads and unlock colour schemes.


drop 1.0.0
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Tanel Teemusk is a mobile developer and User Experience Designer. With a Appcelerator Titanium and advertising industry background he has focused his efforts on mobile development for the past 4 years. Tanel aims to craft quality mobile applications and fun games. In the past years Tanel has released series of iPhone, iPad and Android apps and games for Estonian and global market. He is also active in Estonian startup scene. Copyright (C) 2014 Tanel Teemusk. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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