ColorLogic releases CoPrA 3.0 Color Profiling Solution

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[] Cape Coral, Florida - CrossxColor, Inc a partner of ColorLogic GmbH, has released the third generation of CoPrA, high-end color profiling software. CoPrA includes several improvements including a redesigned, easy-to-use interface, updated color profiling engine, powerful default presets and higher quality multicolor profile generation. CoPrA 3.0 is available in five different packages, all of which are scaleable for changing customer requirements.

"CoPrA 3.0 is an incredible release, which introduces significant new options and features, while improving all aspects of color profiling," said Barbara Braun-Metz, President of CrossXColor, Inc. and Managing Director of ColorLogic GmbH. "Experienced color management users eager to create high quality profiles can do so easily, while less experienced users can get started with powerful easy-to-use presets. CoPrA has been and will continue to be the perfect tool for creating high quality printer profiles, DeviceLink profiles, multicolor profiles and SaveInk profiles."

CoPrA 3.0 is available in five different base packages today through our worldwide network of dealers. Modules may be added to base packages to extend capabilities at any time. All previous CoPrA users qualify for upgrade pricing based on the current version owned. For a complete list of features and dealers, please visit ColorLogic or in the USA, or CrossXColor online.

As the one of the world's superior color management technology software providers, ColorLogic GmbH is a leader in color management technology and innovation for advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, gravure, packaging, digital, and large-format and multicolor printers. Utilizing industry knowledge, extensive product offerings and advanced technological capabilities, ColorLogic develops solutions for customers around the world. ColorLogic's high-end color management software including ColorAnt, CoPrA and ZePrA, provide an unparalleled range of color management with a high level of automation possibilities. Beginning in 2012, ColorLogic GmbH expanded to support the growing number of partners and customer base in North and South America directly with CrossXColor, Inc our partner company, located in Cape Coral, Florida. CrossXColor directly supports and assists our technology partners and distributors throughout the Western Hemisphere.


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