Zerion Software offers Free Trial of iPhone Data Collection Platform

August 4, 2009 in iAnnouncements (E)

[prMac.com] Herndon, Virginia - Zerion Software today launches an updated version of their exZact data collection platform for the iPhone and iPod touch client with a 30-day free trial. The exZact mobile client, iFormBuilder web application, and DataViewer web application, work together as a complete solution for mobile data collection. To take advantage of the free server account trial, users must have the 'Full' iPhone/iPod touch client, which is available from the App store for $4.99.

Some key features of the exZact product include:
* Easy to use form builder
* Advance widgets (Photo, Voice, QR Barcode and Signature)
* Geotagging
* Over-the-air form delivery
* Smart Controls (conditional, dynamic and calculated fields)
* Easy to use control panel for user and form management
* Offline Data Collection
* Over-the-air Form Distribution
* Data Views in HTML, PDF, XLS and Google Map
* Raw Data Feeds in Excel, XML, JSON, ATOM, RSS and XLS

"I am very excited about the reaction we are getting from the business community. Our solution caters to small, medium, and large businesses alike. We are a small business ourselves, coming to market with a cost effective mobile data collection solution that even the smallest of companies could afford was our number one goal." - Sze Wong, President of Zerion Software.

The exZact data collection offering is a universal mobile data collection platform, currently leveraging the iPhone and iPod touch. The platform provides a secure, scalable, flexible, and efficient solution for teams on the go.

Works Anywhere
With exZact, mobile workers can perform inspections or surveys with or without a network connection. All forms, logic, and data are stored locally on the device database, so even when work needs to be done indoors or inside a tunnel, exZact will continue to function. exZact's synchronization logic is specifically designed for mobile networks, and it has special logic to deal with lost connections. In the event that the connection is less than optimal, data can still be submitted to the server safely and securely.

Massively Scalable
The exZact platform is designed to handle massive data collection. Utilized during the last presidential election and inauguration, our server is able to handle thousands of concurrent users and hundreds of thousands of pieces of data within a few hours.

Maximum Security
Four layers of security can be configured from the server for different applications. For the most secure requirements, the client has built-in password protection and local data encryption. All data is communicated with the server through a secure network connection. An optional data wipe can be setup to automatically delete all data when maximum login attempts are exceeded.

Zerion software offers exZact server subscriptions in two flavors: Hosted and Dedicated.
Hosted accounts are $49.99/mo per 5 users/devices with unlimited forms. The Dedicated Server solution is for companies wanting to host their own server, have direct access to the database, and brand the application.

The exZact client joins Zerion Software's list of iPhone applications, including Twitter Vote Report and Inauguration Report, which won the Golden Dot Award from PoliciticsOnline. Other iPhone offerings include iGravy (Based on their iStar platform) and Rochambeau, a mobile-networked game. Zerion Software has an aggressive strategy in the iPhone development space, from Product Development to Consulting Services.

Zerion Software is a mobile application development firm and the maker of iStar and exZact. Zerion focuses on utilizing the strength of each mobile platform and creates mobile applications that are native, powerful and off-line capable. iStar is an iPhone application platform which enable celebrities to communicate with fans through unique, customized iPhone/iPod Touch applications. exZact is Zerion's award winning mobile data collection platform, allowing small businesses and enterprises alike to create and manage inspections, surveys, and other data collection projects on the iPhone/iPod Touch platforms. Founded in 2003, Zerion provides services in enterprise system architecture and mobile development, for the iPhone, Windows mobile, and Blackberry platforms. Zerion Software is an 8(a) certified small business.