A Better Finder Rename 8.26 Included in TheMacBundles' August Bundle

August 5, 2009 in Promotions (E)

[prMac.com] Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - publicspace.net is pleased to announce its participation in Stephen Becker's TheMacBundles software bundle. A Better Finder Rename has long been the most comprehensive file renaming solution for the Macintosh and has transformed the tedious and time-consuming task of renaming multiple files into a simple matter of seconds for thousands of creative professionals across the world. It is based on over 10 years of listening to our users and addressing their requirements to the best of our abilities.

TheMacBundles' unique cooperative marketing approach provides a win-win for both developers and consumers by cutting out the middle men and bundling high value software at an unbeatable price while ensuring an equitable distribution of the sale price amongst developers.

A Better Finder Rename is a sophisticated tool that caters for the full range of file renaming tasks encountered by the modern creative professional. Its streamlined interface includes a instant preview feature that eliminates guess work and reduces error. The tool features capture time and date extraction (EXIF JPEG and most RAW formats) for digital photographers, ID3 tag extraction for music lovers, regular expression support, plain-text file import for renaming from databases and many other advanced features.

The new renaming engine introduced in version 8 is capable of handling very large renaming jobs with ease and it meets file renaming challenges, such as file name conflicts, swaps and dependency cycles that other such tools leave unaddressed, head on. The renaming engine leverages all the latest Mac OS X Leopard technologies by using a 64-bit multi-threaded garbage collected architecture based around Leopard's Core Data database system.

"A Better Finder Rename" is ideally suited for creative professionals, digital photographers, webmasters, users who need to transfer files from Windows or UNIX as well as for all other Macintosh users who deal with large numbers of files.

Each TheMacBundles purchase includes licenses to both version 8 and version 7 of A Better Finder Rename. Version 8 requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later, while version 7 is compatible with Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.

The August bundle includes 12 great titles - including award-winning titles - and is priced at only $49.95 (USD). This represents a savings of over 80%! Additionally, users that purchase 2 or more copies of the bundle receive a $5 discount off of all the copies purchased, resulting in a cost of only $44.95 (USD) per copy.

The August bundle will be available for 21 days, but after 7 days one bonus title will expire and after 14 days a second bonus title will expire. Purchasers of the bundle always get a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

The 12 programs included in this bundle are:
* A Better Finder Rename - the most complete renaming solution available on the market.
* BluePhoneElite - handle your mobile's calls and text messages wirelessly from the comfort of your computer.
* CosmoPod - a Safari add-on to download and convert Flash, DivX, WMV and more to your Mac, iPod, iPhone, and AppleTV.
* DeepVacuum - a download utility with a vast number of options to fine tune your downloads.
* Fantasktik - switching between windows has never been so easy.
* Keyboard Maestro - a powerful macro program for Mac OS X from award-winning developer Peter Lewis.
* Letter Opener - converts winmail.dat files as you open your mail so you can actually see their contents.
* MathMagic - an easy-to-use and powerful equation editor for a broad range of users.
* Print It! - expands printing capabilities of OS X so anything you can see on your Mac instantly can be selected and printed (or saved).
* TaskTime - a straightforward method of tracking and invoicing time spent on jobs you do for your clients.
* ViewIt - a versatile image viewer that supports most popular image formats.
* Web Confidential - organize and store (includes option to encrypt) URLs, user IDs, and passwords all with one easy-to-use application.

publicspace.net was founded by Frank Reiff in 1996 with the aim of producing affordable best-of-breed software for the Macintosh. In the past decade, our A Better Finder series of file utilities and our MacBreakZ personal ergonomic assistant have become familiar fixtures of the Macintosh community. publicspace.net is also active in the Windows software market.