Dynadel releases LukaLike 1.0 - Facial Analyzer for iPhone & iPod Touch

August 7, 2009 in Photo and Video (E)

[prMac.com] Miami, FL - Dynadel today announced the release of "LukaLike" for iPhone and iPod touch. The LukaLike application is a face features analyzer tool used to determine how similar two human faces are. Luka-Like will analyze a face photo against two base images and will select which one of these two images share more facial elements with the subject photo. You can compare any subject to any other two frontal faces. Only human faces are recognized, no pet face analysis yet.

You could use any photo saved in your Photo Library with this application. To compute the look alike of the images, you need to select a photo of a frontal face, the eyes, nose and mouth should be visible. When the photo is selected and accepted by the application, you will click the Action! button and the program will assign a badge to the base photo who shares more facial similarities with the subject photo.

The LukaLike comparison method is not a scientific or proven method to determine how similar two subjects are, it's only a guide and only should be used as an entertainment tool.

Feature Highlights:
* Any existing image from your Photo Library could be analyzed
* Auto-detects facial elements
* Fast facial comparison between three subjects

The application will compare side by side two facial images and will determine how similar the features of both images are. If you want to settle once and for all the old problem if the baby looks more like the mother than the father, this is the application for you. If you want to know if you look more like Madonna than Beyonce, this is the app for you.

System Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3 or later

Pricing and Availability:
The LukaLike application is only $1.99 (USD) and exclusively available on the Apple's App Store.

Dynadel is located in Miami producing exclusively iPhone applications since June 2007 and PC and Mac software since 1986. Copyright (C) 2008 DICTE Solutions. All rights reserved. Apple, Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer.


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