IPEVO's USB SuperCharger for Multiple iPads Now Available from Amazon UK

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[prMac.com] Sunnyvale, California - IPEVO, the Sunnyvale-based educational technology company, has added their popular USB SuperCharger to the company's roster of items available from Amazon UK. The USB SuperCharger, which joins such IPEVO products as the Point 2 View USB Document Camera and the PadPillow Pillow Stand, can charge up to four Apple iPads simultaneously using only a single wall socket. The charger is now available for purchase in 27 European Union countries, either through Amazon website or through corresponding European Amazon outlets for countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy and France.

Using one standard wall socket, the USB SuperCharger provides sufficient charge ports to power up to four iPads at the same time. Given IPEVO's background in educational technology, classrooms and lecture halls are intended as an ideal location for the SuperCharger. This is particularly true for schools involved in 1:1 iPad programs which rely heavily on student interaction through tablets. In such programs, students may often forget their charge cords or bring their iPads in with low charge. The USB SuperCharger can thus assist in regularly keeping a classroom's stock of iPads from running low on batteries. Conference rooms and similar office spaces could also benefit from a multiple-iPad charging station.

Unlike many competing multi-port USB adapters for iPad, the USB SuperCharger features an input of 100-240 volts and an output of up to 2.1 amps per port. This means that all four iPads can be charged at the fast, single-charge speed users are accustomed to with their original charge cords. Competing adapters may spread 2.1 amps across several ports, significantly slowing the overall charge rate for multiple iPads.

In addition to all generations of Apple iPad, the USB SuperCharger can be used to charge a number of standard USB devices such as the iPhone and iPod, other smartphones, cameras, Bluetooth headsets and more. The device is small enough to be transported between rooms or in luggage for a trip.

The European version of the USB SuperCharger comes in black and features a 3-pin power adapter for countries in the United Kingdom and a 2-pin adapter for other European countries.

"By popular demand, we're very pleased to be able to bring the USB SuperCharger to our European customers," said Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design for IPEVO. "More and more schools are making the iPad a centerpiece of their daily curriculum, and so charging them becomes a significant challenge. Charge cords are forgotten and wall sockets are often at a premium and have to be hunted, wasting time. The USB SuperCharger solves the dilemma of charging multiple iPads quickly and easily. It has great utility in the modern classroom, and we can't wait for European educators to benefit."

The IPEVO USB SuperCharger is now available for customers in 27 European Union countries through Amazon UK and other European Amazon retail outlets.

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