Serif unveils its first ever product for the Mac

July 26, 2014 in Announcements (F)

[] Nottingham, United Kingdom - Having developed software exclusively for Windows for 25 years, Serif has announced it will imminently release its first ever product for Mac - Affinity Designer. A vector drawing application, Affinity Designer is the first in a new range of professional creative software for the Mac. Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher will complete the suite over the next 12 months.

Developed by a dedicated development team over the last 4 years, the Affinity suite takes full advantage of native OS X technologies such as OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Graphics and is fully optimized for 64-bit and multi-core processors to squeeze every ounce of available performance from the Mac platform - so it promises to be fast.

It's a point which Tony Brightman, head of the Affinity development team, is keen to make. "Real time is everything," says Tony. "Working in Affinity products is always live. Whether it's a 100 megapixel image or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, you still pan and zoom at 60fps, move objects in correct z-order and see live views of all adjustments, brushes and effects as you're working with no compromise. Considering the strength of Apple's hardware nowadays there's no excuse for software developers to achieve anything less, but until Affinity these fundamentals have been sadly lacking in creative software."

With all products in the Affinity range sharing the same core engine and file format, it allows for something else never seen in a creative suite of products - complete integration. "This doesn't just mean seamless switching between apps," explains Tony. "It opens up a truly mixed-discipline creative suite with no boundaries between vector, raster, text, or page layout tasks to offer complete freedom to graphic designers."

While the Affinity products will seamlessly share their file format, another major focus has been on compatibility with other pro-end products. Affinity boasts the best PSD import engine out there, and with full support for AI, PDF, EPS and SVG Serif are clearly making every effort for it to be easily adopted by creative professionals. This continues with its impressive color space support including RGB, true CMYK, and LAB, as well as 16-bit channel editing and ICC color management being built in from the ground up.

It's being priced keenly too. When it launches in October, Affinity Designer will be available exclusively on the Mac App store for 34.99/$49.99. With resentment lingering in creative circles over other products adopting a subscription model, Ashley Hewson, Serif's Managing Director, is confident that it's playing into Serif's hands. "With no credible alternative, large groups of users feel they're being forced into costly monthly subscriptions," says Ashley. "As well as all the power, functionality and stability that professionals demand, when you buy an Affinity product you pay for it once and that's it. The ongoing expense of software as a service just isn't what most people really want." Affinity Designer is currently in beta and available to download for free from the website.

Serif is the publisher of the award-winning software range that includes PagePlus, PhotoPlus, DrawPlus, WebPlus, MoviePlus, CraftArtist and more. Founded in 1987 with the aim to develop low-cost alternatives to high-end publishing and graphics packages, Serif has been repeatedly praised for its powerful and yet easy-to-use software which has put professional effects and demanding publishing tasks within the reach of ordinary PC users around the world. Now the winner of over 200 awards internationally, with over 6.5 million customers worldwide, Serif has 190 employees at its head office, development and European sales centre in Nottingham, UK. After 25 years of developing products exclusively got Windows, in 2014 Serif will release its first ever Mac product - Affinity Designer. This professional graphic design software is the first in a new range of creative applications developed by a dedicated research team at Serif. Totally re-imagined and engineered from the ground up, the Affinity range makes use of all the hardware and technology available on the Mac platform. The result will be the fastest, smoothest, most precise range of graphics products ever seen on the Mac. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2014 Serif. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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