TotalView Debugger & MemoryScape Available from Programmer's Paradise

August 2, 2007 in Mac OSX (F)

[] Natick, MA- Aug 2, 2007 - TotalView Technologies, the world's leading provider of scalable debugging and analysis software solutions for the multi-core age, today announced that it has partnered with industry-leading software reseller Programmer's Paradise to market its TotalView(R) Debugger Individual Edition and powerful new MemoryScape memory analysis and debugger product. Programmer's Paradise will resell both TotalView Technologies software products, as well as maintenance, documentation and training sessions for each in North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Programmer's Paradise markets application development software through its well-known catalogs, direct mail programs and trade magazine advertisements, as well as regular "Island Insider" e-newsletters, email promotions and its extensive online shopping portal. The company is currently the number one software reseller in the world, and ships over two million catalogs annually.

"Our customers depend on us for the most powerful, cutting-edge software development tools, and the TotalView and MemoryScape debuggers have proven to be essential for programmers working in multi-core environments on parallel and clustered systems," said Nicole Petriello, director of corporate sales at Programmer's Paradise. "We are dedicated to improving the range and quality of software solutions available through Programmer's Paradise and we are proud to offer our customers these advanced new products."

TotalView is the most advanced debugger for Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X and is the market leader in parallel programming techniques used in multi-core environments such as threads, MPI, and OpenMP written in C/C++, FORTRAN and UPC. TotalView enhances developer productivity by simplifying the process of debugging data-intensive, multi-process, multi-threaded, or network-distributed applications. TotalView Individual is available on Linux, Solaris X86 and Mac OS X. Its advanced features, including a single view of the complete application, advanced breakpoints and watchpoints; flexible display capabilities; and ability to test fixes on the fly, enable programmers and developers to shorten the development cycle for getting multi-core applications to market.

MemoryScape is an easy-to-use, graphical, interactive memory debugger that helps developers, build engineers and quality assurance engineers identify, inspect and resolve difficult memory problems in C, C++ and FORTRAN, in both simple and complex multi-threaded programs. Using MemoryScape's unique export facility, users can easily collaborate to solve memory problems. Designed to be an integrated part of the software development process, MemoryScape allows developers, build engineers and quality assurance engineers to monitor heap memory, view memory usage, locate memory leaks, track memory events and show corrupted memory while an application is running. In addition, MemoryScape is non-intrusive, so developers can find memory problems without recompiling.

"TotalView Technologies is excited to be working with Programmer's Paradise to make it easier for developers and engineers to develop multi-core applications," said Jim Chafel, vice president of business development at TotalView Technologies. "This partnership will help bring our software tools to a whole new group of programmers challenged by application development in multi-core computing environments."

About TotalView Technologies:
TotalView Technologies is the world's leading provider of scalable debugging and analysis software solutions for the multi-core age. TotalView Technologies products enable software developers to quickly, easily and effectively debug UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X applications running on development machines with single, dual-core, multi-core, or multiple processors.

About Programmer's Paradise:
Programmer's Paradise, Inc. is a marketer of technical software and hardware for microcomputers, servers and networks in the United States and Canada. Programmer's Paradise offers a wide variety of technical and general business application software, PC hardware and components from a broad range of publishers and manufacturers. Additional information can be found by visiting
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For more than 20 years, TotalView Technologies products have been at work in research institutions, government laboratories, and technical computing centers, as well as commercial enterprises in the financial services, telecommunications, biotech, aerospace, weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas exploration, and computer-aided engineering markets. Recognized worldwide as the gold standard for debugging in high-performance, distributed or cluster computing environments, TotalView Technologies' award-winning technology is used to solve the world's toughest computing problems on many of the world's largest supercomputers.


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