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August 13, 2014 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Kosice, Slovakia - MacMike today is proud to announce the launch of ToDo4team - task management for working teams in small and medium sized companies. Assign, edit, and comment on tasks, check up on status and do not forget important things. ToDo4team is available via web browser, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android application.

ToDo4team app is designed to suite needs of small and medium sized companies and organizations. Its main feature is assigning and listing of tasks for individual employees.

Businesses' and organizations' management consist mainly of planning, organizing, leading and controlling of workflow. The most important tools of every manager are assigning, controlling and checking up on tasks delegated to employees.

Every task has its own life cycle, which starts by assigning the task. Task can be delegated by manager or directly by employee. Using ToDo4team on any platform makes task delegating really simple - just enter a task subject via app or send an email to a specific dedicated email address. The user is immediately notified upon receiving a new task. If there are any attachments in the email sent to the dedicated email address, they are also available in ToDo4team app. So all necessary task information and documents stay in one place and are reachable by managers and employee which is working on the task.

ToDo4team allows managers to place tasks in specific order according to priority of individual task. So employees are aware of tasks' importance. In addition to the task order, every task can be marked as 'High Priority' - displaying an exclamation mark icon.

All involved persons have access to all information about the task and can participate - make comments and according to user privileges make changes to priority and status. When done with the assignment, the status of the task is then changed to "completed." It means the employee has finished his work and manager is notified and is supposed to check quality of the work done. If the manager is satisfied with the work of the employee, the task status is changed to "closed" and the task is automatically moved to task history. If any additional work is required from employee, manager can return the task back to active tasks.

In case of forwarding the task to some other employee, there is a simple way of doing so. Using simple Drag & Drop feature of ToDo4team, the employee working on the task can be changed easily. Both new and old employee working on the task is informed about this change.

Only the manager can cancel a task simply by deleting it from the list. Employee working on the task is notified about the change.

Effective management and workflow requires careful checking on all tasks. One of the biggest mistakes made by many managers is forgetting to check up on assigned tasks. Every single task assigned to employee to be completed should be checked for status in reasonable time span. Also, employees should not be allowed to remove tasks from task list without permission of manager.

List of successfully closed tasks is highly important for company's business success. Every task completed for specific client should be turned into an invoice or should be mentioned in your monthly report - according to workflow of your company. Not forgetting a completed task is really important for effective work and cash flow for your business.

Very important feature for making the most of the time spent working on tasks is detailed statistics on time spent on individual tasks. Employees use a special icon to register the start and the finish of work on every single task. So the working time for every employee and every task is recorded for further statistics and decision-making. You can spot employees working really hard and the ones working not so hard. The time consumption can be used for adjusting client price creation for future jobs, too. For every task, the time intervals are displayed and cannot be changed by any user. Many companies use time interval records to measure total the work time of employees.

Time matters - the work time required for task completion is important for client's satisfaction. The faster the results are delivered to the client, the better satisfaction rates are achieved. So why waste time by unnecessary communication inside your company? Every action - task assignment, commenting, editing, status changing, etc. is important to the others in your company. Notification about every important action always reaches the right person. Notifications are delivered by email, or by Android or iOS native notification systems. Notifications are designed to be useful and never bother the user. So you receive only notifications relevant to your position. Also, you can set the way of receiving them - email and/or native mobile platform notification system.

Everything is stored in the cloud. The future of company management is finally here. All necessary information is stored in one single place easily reachable by all workflow participants. You don't have to take care about storing, synchronizing and backing up any data. Everything just works.

ToDo4team is reachable on every common platform. You can use any web browser for full-featured access to the ToDo4team system. Applications for Windows and Mac OS are also available. If you are on the go, you can use Android or iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

To start using ToDo4team just login online and fill in basic information - your email address and password and you are ready to go. Then just sign in. On a single screen you can see all users with their tasks. Adding new users is done easily through the Settings pane. Enter user's name, email address, password and role - employee or manager. Login information is being immediately sent to user so you don't have to do that manually.

Using the mobile version of ToDo4team starts by downloading free app from Apple's App Store or Google Play on Android devices. After logging in to the app you are asked to receive notifications.

After the first 30 days trial you're requested to fill in your company's information and credit card number. Monthly fee will be automatically withdrawn. Amount of monthly fee is calculated according to number of active users. Detailed pricing can be found at ToDo4team online.

MacMike is a young and flexible company that provides professional full service within programming of web applications. Our team is widely experienced in using the newest technologies in field of web design and we have hundreds of satisfied customers. We built ToDo4team according to our needs and requirements and we decided to make it available for others too. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2014 MacMike. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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