PopChar X 6.6 supports Unicode 7.0, shows characters in Unicode context

August 19, 2014 in Utility (E)

[prMac.com] Perg, Austria - Ergonis Software today released PopChar X 6.6, a new version of the company's award-winning tool for efficiently exploring fonts as well as for finding and inserting special characters. PopChar X 6.6 supports the brand-new version 7.0 of the Unicode standard. Unicode 7.0 integrates 2834 new characters, and PopChar 6.6 can now identify these new characters by their names.

Among these characters are the new currency symbols for the Russian ruble, many other symbols, as well as approximately 250 emoji symbols, most of them deriving from characters in widespread use in Wingdings and Webdings fonts. An improved "Scripts and Symbols" layout also better matches the definitions in the Unicode standard. The new Unicode standard has been defined only recently, and fonts that support it have yet to be developed, but PopChar 6.6 is already prepared for releases of fonts that contain the new characters.

PopChar has been available even before the Unicode consortium was founded, and has been supporting the Unicode standard since 2002. In fact, PopChar has become indispensable for everyone dealing with special characters and different fonts, since Unicode fonts have evolved to contain tens of thousands instead of hundreds of characters per font.

PopChar X 6.6 also introduces a new feature "Show in Unicode context" that lets you easily search for a character and then view this character in its Unicode context. This is very helpful to find similar other characters in the neighborhood within the Unicode table.

In addition, PopChar X 6.6 offers many other improvements, like faster display of the character table, internal streamlining gaining further efficiency improvements, preparation for Apple's next-generation operating system Yosemite, and more.

Visit Ergonis Software's website to view the list of improvements and enhancements contained in this release and to download a trial copy.

PopChar solves a problem faced by every technologist and multi-lingual worker. Inserting special characters into application documents can be frustrating and results in a steady loss of productivity. With PopChar, thousands of special characters are only a few clicks away. Just pop up the PopChar window, click the desired character, and the character appears in your current document right away. Starting with PopChar 6, you can even take a new look at fonts from a designer's perspective - see a font preview, check out what a given text fragment looks like in a certain font, and print beautiful font sheets.

System Requirements:
PopChar X 6.6 requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer, is fully compatible with OS X Mavericks (10.9), and prepared for OS X Yosemite (10.10).

Availability and Ordering:
PopChar X can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. The upgrade to PopChar 6.6 is free for anyone who owns a valid license for PopChar X 6. Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. See the company's web site for information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers. Instead of purchasing PopChar separately, customers can save money by ordering the Ergonis Productivity Bundle, which also includes the text expander Typinator and the keyboard shortcut helper KeyCue.

Ergonis Software develops ergonomic and intuitive software that boosts the productivity of Mac and PC users. Ergonis Software, a privately held company founded in 2002, is headquartered in Perg, Austria. Copyright 2002-2014 Ergonis Software Gmbh. All Rights Reserved. Ergonis products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Ergonis Software GmbH. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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