XChange International announce extra value in 18 XTensions ProPack 7 Promotion

February 5, 2007 in Software (F)

[prMac.com] The XTensions contain customer-requested features for QuarkXPress and they are now available as part of the promotionally priced ProPack 7, so users will now receive 18 XTensions with the package instead of just 15. During the promotion, users receive a free ProPack 7 (SRP £119.00/$199.00) with any QuarkXPress 7 upgrade or full product purchase. XChange are also extending a special one-time promotional offer that gives XPert Tools and QX-Tools users the ability to upgrade to ProPack 7 for QuarkXPress 7 at a substantial discount. ProPack 6 for QuarkXPress version 6 is also being offered as a crossgrade to users of QuarkXPress 6 versions of XPert Tools and QX-Tools for the same promotional price. The feature sets differ between ProPack 6 and ProPack 7, and ProPack 6 purchases include a free upgrade to ProPack 7 when claimed before 31st March 2007.

The 18 XTensions in ProPack 7 include:
NEW***Outlines - Outlines takes Quark’s “Text to Box” feature to the next level. Converts multiple lines, individual letters and makes outline shapes in same location, colour and shade as text.

NEW*** ShapeMaker - This XTension provides a new way to create an almost infinite number of unique and useful shapes. Perhaps best described as a shape synthesiser, ShapeMaker gives you control over the parameters that determine shapes. Shapes are indispensable in almost any design, whether it’s a simple rectangle or a complicated silhouette. When Quark introduced bezier curves in version 4, they opened a whole world of new shape possibilities and ShapeMaker takes full advantage of this. You'll no longer need to switch to Illustrator to create complex shapes"it can all be done within QuarkXPress with Shapemaker. In fact, ShapeMaker can generate shapes that would take forever to create in Illustrator. You can also export the shapes generated by Shapemaker to Illustrator for further editing or use.

NEW*** Strata - This brand new XTension is very useful for anyone who uses the layer functions in QuarkXPress. There are now some handy ways to manipulate layers and create new ones based on item types. The functionality is quite straightforward, but is very powerful. Features include:
* Select page range to be affected
* Select which item types to affect
* Move items to existing layers
* Move items to newly created layer
* Flatten document to have no layers

ProScale - This award-winning tool allows users to intelligently scale page elements proportionally or non-proportionally without distorting text and graphics. Includes advanced text fitting tools and column fitting along with other convenient “fit-to” functions. This tool also includes a visual drag-scaling tool that works in conjunction with the Quark measurements palette.

Cropster - This powerful XTension will set up crop marks, guides and dimension arrows for bleed, trim, safety (live area), folds and page gutters. Colour-coded guides and precise dimension arrows, registration marks, colour bars, etc. make any mechanical air-tight and ready for production. Cropster enables the choice of centring on a page to facilitate double sided printing, and it features user definable presets.

iDropper - iDropper allows users to either eyedropper a colour right out of any graphic appearing on screen or choose one of 9500 colours that appear in the Color Display Bar provided. This bar automatically appears when using the iDropper tool, highlighting the colour currently under the iDropper tool in 3 shades and providing an Instant Color Picker for easy colour addition. Users can also create harmonious and complementary colours at the same time. iDropper can also copy box attributes from one box to another or to multiple boxes.

Linkster - Linkster is a text tool for unlinking and relinking text without disturbing text box contents. The tool can be used on selections or entire documents. Users can choose from different unlinking and story cutting methods and can Link and Unlink text boxes without disturbing the text flow or placement.

TableMaker - TableMaker greatly expands formatting choices for creating tables, styling them and fitting them to particular specifications. TableMaker is used to convert TAB-delimited text (or text with other delimiters) into accurate tables quickly. The XTension can be used to "force fit" a table into any size. Users simply enter, import or paste their TAB-delimited text into a Quark text box, select it, then use the TableMaker dialogue to create an instant professional table. Users can customise virtually every parameter of their tables and create tables with cells, not just tabs.

DragIn - Whether users need to import a single image or a full folder of them, they can simply drag images or folders over an open Quark document and DragIn does the rest. DragIn even allows users to drag an image over an existing image and replace it"keeping the same picture scale and offset settings. When multiple images are dragged in, users can specify how DragIn imports them into row and column format and whether or not to add image info tags as well.

QC and QC Collect - Besides all the standard checks on images such as effective resolution, RGB colour space, missing fonts, etc., QC will also catch many of the problems that a proof reader would normally flag like a space before a comma, misaligned boxes, text outside of the defined live area and many more. As a native XTension for QuarkXPress, QC quickly generates an interactive list of problems. Users simply click on an item in the list, and QC transports them to that part of the document, where they’ll find the problem element highlighted. Once their document is perfect, they can easily collect it for output using
QC Collect, along with graphics and fonts used " including the ones in EPS files.

Reporter - Reporter is used to generate detailed reports"which are themselves neatly formatted Quark documents"about various aspects of a document or documents. Users no longer have to collect for output to make a simple report about fonts, colours and pictures. Reporter adds many helpful details and other types of reports such as detailed style sheet breakdowns and story analysis. Users have the ability to exclude report details if an item is not in use, obtain picture reports that include thumbnails, view style reports that contain every aspect of paragraph and character styles, and view story reports that provide useful statistics about text such as word counts, average sentence length, etc.

ProGrids & Guides - This XTension offers expanded page guide features such as Bleed Guides, Mirroring, Shift and Copy & Paste for guides. Options include margin-to-margin, edge-to-edge and manual grids, independent control over Horizontal and Vertical grids and gutters, 23 guide colours, better master page action and separate horizontal and vertical counts. Users can specify page ranges for setting guides and guide offset origin. The XTension also allows optional measurements and line counts to be added in the margins. An Interlock feature allows certain fields to be locked and others to calculate automatically as the design progresses.

NaviZoom - NaviZoom is a multi-function XTension for navigating documents, pages and spreads and quick-zooming to any magnification. NaviZoom allows designers to see uncluttered previews of pages and spreads or even a slide show of pages from inside QuarkXPress.

Greeker - This tool lets users toggle live copy from live copy to greeked text in printouts. The XTension maintains all paragraph and initial caps for exact live copy match and can be applied to selections or entire documents. Features include Ungreek which takes users back to their original copy and an automatic feature to fill an empty text box with Lorem Ipsum.

Cloner - Cloner allows users to easily ‘clone’ elements from one page or pages to another page or pages. It also allows users to split a multi-page document into multiple single-page documents. When users clone an element from one page to another, it is pasted into the exact same position. The XTension also provides the ability to clone pages or page ranges from one document into another. So, if a user needs to pick up pages from one document and put them into another, they no longer need to drag pages in thumbnail view.

ProBullets & Numbers - ProBullets & Numbers was created to help users make bulleted lists and ordered lists with sequential numbers/letters in a snap. Anyone who has worked in Quark for any time knows that creating bulleted and ordered lists can be tedious, partially because of the precise control over these elements that QuarkXPress provides, unlike common word processors.

SpotCheck - SpotCheck is a powerful colour tool that allows users to quickly and easily change the colour information in a document. Users can change spot colours to process colours for printing, change process colours to spot colours, or remove all the unused colours in a document with the click of a button. Using SpotCheck, finding instances of colour usage within a document is quick and easy.

Plus: Desktop Collection Bin, Bureau Utility and Guide Viewer XT.

ProPack 7 is available separately for a special introductory price of just £59.00/$109.00, normally £119.00/$199.00 until 31st March 2007. Users of XPert Tools and QX-Tools can crossgrade to ProPack 7 for a limited time for only £39.00/$72.00. To order, or for more info go to www.xchangeuk.com.


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