MultiTouch Book for the iPad Breaks the Space-Time Continuum

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[] Los Gatos, California - A MultiTouch book for the iPad (IN HIS IMAGE by Stephan J Harper) is responsible for accidentally breaking the space-time continuum and suggests an intriguing possibility that might lead scientists to a better understanding of our universe: a massive object, located 1.75 light years from Earth, perhaps made entirely of dark energy, may be a 'rip' in the fabric of space itself. The distant object also appears to be monitoring activity here on Earth.

The description of IN HIS IMAGE on the title's iBooks Store page states: "It's 'Jonathan Swift meets Richard Dawkins' in this illustrated 'biblical' tale set in the not-too-distant future." The story depicts three characters, the Creator of the universe and two of His angels, discussing the fate of Earth. High-resolution images from the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes illustrate this picture book for older readers. "To the memory of Galileo, Newton and Einstein" reads the title's dedication page, providing the only link to the events of August 31st.

"The whole thing started six days ago," said Peggy Harper, wife of the author for the past 33 years. "Text messages related to the book started appearing on his monitor in the morning and continued throughout the day. By midnight, there were over 100 comments...and then nothing."

IN HIS IMAGE was published and uploaded to Apple's iBooks Store on November 30, 2012. In 21 months, the digital-stream would have travelled 1.75 light years, or just over 10 trillion miles, to reach the distant object receiving Earth's data transmissions.

According to Ms. Harper, the messages were outside any run-time program installed on the author's iMac. Turning off the computer had no effect and the messages continued. Following are some of the text messages received on August 31, 2014:

* "We find IN HIS IMAGE inconsistent with our understanding of Creation." - JEDP Pentateuch Select Editorial Committee.

* "The book is, of course, complete blasphemy. I agree with every word in it." - Mark Twain

* "I wish I had written this!" - Aesop

* "I didn't understand a word in it. Is it allegory?" - Plato

* "Unfortunately, the Truth, which the author ably states without ambiguity, is undermined by the simple-minded contention that his finely-detailed color drawings are to be taken for reality. It strains our credulity and mars an otherwise useful little volume." - St. Augustine

* "Logically flawless." - Aristotle

* "The astronomical observations are of special comfort to me; but the author must know that heresy always comes with a price." - Galileo

* "Yet another Jesuit education wasted." - Ignatius of Loyola

* "Although we find IN HIS IMAGE consistent with biblical teaching and Papal instruction, the author should be burnt at the stake, your Eminence." - Tomas de Torquemada, Grand Inquisitor

* "The author, in his tactful way, has explained many things; I pray that he makes few enemies." - Isaac Newton

* "A most charming diversion. The author is a fine moralist - and a blockhead for only charging a buck." - Samuel Johnson

* "I warned them nothing good could come from a free press. However, Marie and the little ones were captivated by the fanciful illustrations and are busy adapting the story for une petite presentation at the Palace Gala Jubilee one week hence. I am to play the lead role. Marie is so good with the children, the model of motherhood for a nation that adores her so." - Louis XVI

* "I am flattered that one of the angels is named after me." - Benjamin Franklin

* "This is precisely what I've been saying!" - Thomas Hobbes

* "The story is consistent with my deepest held convictions about mankind's place in the universe." - Charles Darwin

* "The omission of any reference to Kolub, an astral body of supreme significance in the Cosmos, disqualifies this book and its author from any serious consideration." - Joseph Smith.

* "Religion poisons everything." - Christopher Hitchens

* "The author has captured in his story a sense of my own frustration with the one remaining difficulty in all my work, an answer so elusive I fear it will never be fully understood. Gravity's a bitch." - Albert Einstein

* "Repent!" - John the Baptist

* "Save yourself!" - Jacob Marley

"It's all very mysterious and a bit unnerving," continued Peggy, who is letting the scientists figure it out while she takes care of her husband. "He needs rest. In all these years, I've never seen Stephan without anything to say. I love him dearly and am determined to get him back to work again."

Pricing and Availability:
IN HIS IMAGE 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Contemporary category. IN HIS IMAGE is the first in a religious-themed trilogy. The second MultiTouch title, INSULT TO EVE, will be published in early 2015 followed by ADAM'S REVENGE, again for the iPad and in time for Christmas 2015. Promo codes are available to members of the press to download IN HIS IMAGE from Apple's iBooks Store.

Stephan J Harper was born in Baltimore and has been writing stories and poems for many years. Stephan is the creator of Basil Baker, a literate site for bear lovers, on the Web since 1998. He is the author of two hardcover children's picture books, ONE CHRISTMAS STORY (2003) and THE BLACK SHEEP (2005). Mr. Harper is also the author of two MultiTouch books for the iPad, IN HIS IMAGE (2012) a picture book for older readers and the teddybear-noir novel, VENICE UNDER GLASS (2014). Stephan J Harper is also the leading proponent of the emergent genre of literature known as MultiTouch Fiction made possible with Apple's iBooks Author and the iPad. MultiTouch Fiction integrates multimedia content within the storyline and structure of a novel, novella or short story for the purpose of giving the reader a more expansive experience of the fictional world the author has imagined. All Material and Software ((C)) Copyright 2014 Stephan J Harper. All Rights Reserved. Apple, iPad, iBooks Store and iBooks Author are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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