Back to School Sale - 40% off chemCal for the iPhone and iPod Touch

August 18, 2009 in Education (E)

[] Newcastle upon Tyne, UK - MMISoftware 'back to school' promotion - price of chemCal, a chemistry calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch, reduced by 40% until 30th September 2009. chemCal is a basic chemistry concentration (moles, molarity, moles per liter) and dilutions calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. chemCal is ideal for students studying the life sciences - chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, biomedical sciences - at school, college, and university.

The calculator is easy to use and can calculate the amount of a chemical needed to make solution, or the calculator can work out how much you will need to dilute a solution to give a new solution of a certain final concentration. With chemCal you can input the concentration (Molar, mM, nM etc.), molecular weight (MW), and the required volume of a solution, and chemCal will work out the mass of the compound needed. Or, if you have the mass used of the chemical, the molecular weight, and the final volume, chemCal will give you the concentration.

For dilutions the calculator will take the concentration and volume of the starting solution (stock), and work out the final concentration when made up to certain volume, or it can work out how much you need to dilute a solution by to get a solution with a certain final concentration.

chemCal can perform calculations with volumes ranging from many liters (l), through to milli-liters (ml), micro-liters and below, and from many kilograms to nano-grams and less. The calculator can also easily and quickly convert between different unit values such as milli (m), micro, nano (n), pico (p) and femto (f).

Key features:
* Easy input - just like a normal calculator
* Rapid conversion between units (e.g. milli, micro, pico, femto)
* Calculate solution concentration from a given mass, molecular weight, and volume
* Calculate mass needed to make a volume at a certain concentration
* Easily work out lab dilutions
* Extensive help system

Minimum Requirements:
iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Reduced by 40% until 30th September 2009. chemCal 1.0 is normally $2.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store.

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