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[] Sendai, Japan - PSOFT MOBILE announces the release of "PSOFT Audio Player", an advanced audio player for the iPhone and iPod touch allowing its users to freely manipulate their audio tracks with incredibly natural results. By using it, users can easily and independently change their music's key and playing speed as well as remove or extract specified sounds, while preserving the audio quality of the original audio track.

With usual audio equipment, large changes to key and playing speed typically result in a heavy degradation of the audio quality. However, by using PSOFT's "PhaseGear" technology, this app succeeds in reducing audio degradation to its utmost minimum. The result is surprisingly natural-sounding audio.

The app is recommended for:
* Musical instrument practice by extracting the sound of a specific instrument
* Creating karaoke tracks by removing the vocal track
* Musical transcription with the musical scale analysis feature
* Creating audio tracks for dance practice by adjusting the tempo
* Learning foreign languages by slowing down the audio without affecting the voice
* Efficiently gathering information from podcasts by increasing the playing speed
* Audio-typing comfortably.

Main Features:
Change playing speed [Time stretch]
* Change the playing speed without affecting the key (0.00x - 4.00x)

Change key [Pitch shift]:
* Change the key without affecting the playing speed (24.00 semitones)

Change voice [Formant]:
* Apply changes to voices (24.00)
* Includes the [Collection] function which restrains voice alterations caused by changing the key

Remove / extract sounds [Audio masking]:
* Visualize the audio and remove / pick out sound from a specified band
* Exceptional audio quality thanks to a new technology preventing mixing in rhythm sound

Analyze audio and display chords [Musical scale analysis]:
* Analyzes music as it plays and displays the musical scale on a keyboard
* Also allows on-screen display of inferred chords

Output the modified audio [Export]:
* Output the audio data file with modified key, sound masking, and more
* The exported file can also be used with a PC or other device

Detailed Specifications:

Play menu:
* Play / Pause
* Skip 15s / Back 15s (*Only available on 4 inch displays)
* Fast forward / Rewind
* Next song / Previous song
* Play position adjustment slider

Play modes:
* Play all songs
* Repeat all songs
* Play 1 song
* Repeat 1 song
* Shuffled play
* Shuffled repeat

Share song information:
* Post playing song info to Twitter / Facebook

Select songs by:
* Playlist
* Song
* Artist
* Album
* Composer
* Genre
* Compilation
* Podcast
* Audiobook
* Document
* Supports background play

* Note
Contents on iCloud and protected contents not supported

About PhaseGear:
PhaseGear is PSOFT's audio signal processing engine based on patented technology. It implements high quality time stretch and pitch shift processing as well as superior sound masking.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone (4th or later), iPod touch (5th or later)
* Requires iOS 7 or later
* 3.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
PSOFT Audio Player 1.01 is $7.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available in the App Store in the Music category. The Export feature is available as a separate paid add-on.

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