Apple Q4 Sentiment Strong - Still ahead of Google, Microsoft, Dell

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[] Los Altos, CA - Crowd Technologies, Inc., provider of the stock prediction site Piqqem, today announced the mid quarter sentiment results for Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Dell. As expected, Apple continues to lead the pack and in some cases by a wide margin.

Average fourth quarter analyst estimates for Apple are $1.37/share in EPS and $9.12 Billion in Revenue. Thirty-five analysts track the stock with twenty-eight upward EPS revisions in the last 30 days and no downward EPS revisions in the last 30 days. Quarter to date, Apple's stock price has risen from $142.43 to yesterday's close of $159.59. This represents a $17.16 or 12% increase in price.

"I always find this an anxious period waiting to see how a company's quarter is going to unfold. One thing I have discovered of value is to analyze a stock's sentiment relative to other similar companies. In this case, I will compare Apple's Piqqem sentiment index to Google, Microsoft, and Dell. I'm looking for relative moves or changes that may foreshadow an early change in the quarter," said Jett Winter, CEO.

(Piqqem leverages the 'wisdom of crowds' by allowing its users to vote on the price direction of a stock and then applies its own propriety factors to calculate sentiment for a security. In their model, 0 is the lowest and 4 is the highest sentiment).

Sentiment Results as of 8/16/09 (Scale 0-4)

* Apple - 3.00
* Google - 2.79
* Microsoft - 2.37
* Dell - 1.89

The table shows Apple's current sentiment as of 8/16/09 at 3.00 as compared to Google at 2.79, Microsoft at 2.37, and Dell at 1.89. This equates to Apple's sentiment being 7.5% stronger than Google, 26.5% stronger than Microsoft, and a daunting 59% stronger than Dell. Based on absolute sentiment, both Apple and Google fall into the Buy category, Microsoft comes in as a Hold, and Dell as s Sell. Only Apple knows their progress quarter to date, but based on their relative sentiment, the quarter appears to be on track.

Jett Winter is CEO of Crowd Technologies, Inc. a company that develops applications that leverage the wisdom of crowds. Their first major application is Piqqem which captures, processes, and presents sentiment data on the future price and price direction of publicly traded securities. Piqqem provides five types of sentiment on securities: i) Price Directional ii) Price Specific iii) Demographic iv) Relative (Stock vs. Stock) and v) Time-Based.


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