ET Smart Practice Unveiled - New Ear Training Practice App for Mac

September 22, 2014 in Educational (E)

[] Vancouver, Canada - Adium Software, Inc., a developer of music education software, today announced the general availability of ET Smart Practice, a comprehensive Mac-based aural practice tool for music students and musicians of all ages. ET Smart Practice was designed to make daily ear training practice more fun and effective, by adapting each practice session to the user's current abilities.

Practicing aural skills, or "ear training," is widely considered critical for developing musicality. Ear training aims to improve a variety of skills important to musicians, such as: feeling and imitating rhythms, playing music by ear, and recognizing the harmonic structure of music. ET Smart Practice provides an exceptionally effective approach to developing these skills and keeping them sharp.

At the heart of ET Smart Practice is the Intelligent Practice Engine, which closely tracks the user's progress and identifies any weaknesses. This information is then used to select questions that focus on improving any problem areas. For example, a user having trouble recognizing certain intervals or chords, need only add "Interval Recognition" and "Chord Recognition" to the practice session. ET Smart Practice takes it from there, selecting questions that focus on these particular interval and chords, until they are no longer problematic.

With 20 practice areas and thousands of questions, ET Smart Practice is one of the industry's most comprehensive aural practice solutions. Practice possibilities include:

* Rhythm tapping
* Meter identification
* Interval recognition
* Interval, scale, and arpeggio singing
* Sight-singing
* Melody playback
* Chord, cadence, and inversion recognition
* Harmonic dictation

Feature Highlights:
* Clean, comfortable, and distraction-free User Interface
* 20 practice areas; 1000s of questions
* Questions are chosen automatically based on user's strengths and weaknesses
* Many questions can be answered by singing or playing an instrument
* Instant feedback and statistics make it easy to track progress and improvement

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X version 10.9 or later
* 150 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
ET Smart Practice 1.1 is offered at an introductory price of $24.99 USD and available immediately exclusively on the Mac App Store in the Education category.

Adium Software is an educational software company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It develops multi-platform music education software solutions both for individual learners and for schools. Adium's flagship product is Ear Teacher, an audio-visual tool for learning music theory and developing aural skills. All Material and Software (C) 2009-2014 Adium Software Inc. / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, Mac App Store, OS X, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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