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[prMac.com] San Diego, California - SpriTec Software today announces an exclusive publishing partnership with SmithMicro Software. As a result of this partnership, SuperTab for Mac will be available from the SmithMicro web site to the general public for the reduced price of only $10, a 50% savings.

"This is a great opportunity for both Mac users and for SuperTab", stated Ando Sonenblick, creator of SuperTab. "Users can take advantage of a great discount on SuperTab. At the same time, SmithMicro, with its vast Mac user base, is helping to introduce SuperTab to an incredibly wide audience. We couldn't be more happy."

SuperTab is a new kind of launcher for the Mac that lets users "Supercharge their Tab Key!" By greatly extending and enhancing the Mac's built-in Command-Tab App Switcher, SuperTab provides users with instant access to much more than just their Active Apps. Users can use SuperTab to quickly access their:

* Active Apps
* Recent Apps
* Recent Documents
* Dock Items
* Dropbox Contents
* Any Folder Contents
* Any Individual Files, Folders or Apps
* Labeled or Tagged Items
* Finder Sidebar Items
* Application Windows
* System Preferences Panes
* Web Sites & more

SuperTab does more than just let users access their files. It also provides:
* A configurable App Manager to Auto-Launch, Auto-Hide and Auto-Quit Apps
* The ability to assign global Hot Keys to any App, File or Folder
* Auto Typing of common phrases and web site login credentials
* Customizable Screen Shots
* A Rolling Clipboard History
* Quick Email File Sharing
* Text, Image and PDF file previews & more

SuperTab Reviews
"A practical and very easy-to-use application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly access your files, apps, folders and documents." - George Popescu, SoftPedia Review: 5 of 5 Stars

"SuperTab... has been called a "Floating Finder" - and with good reason. It provides Finder features and an app launcher at your fingertips." - Dennis Sellers, AppleDailyReport Review: 9 of 10 Stars

"...if you already use Command-Tab to navigate between Mac apps, you'll appreciate immediately the extra productivity with SuperTab's switching options. Nicely done and worth a look." - Jeffrey Mincey, Mac360 Review

"SuperTab does a ton of different things... It's a surprisingly robust little app that's well worth digging into..." - Thorin Klosowski, LifeHacker Review

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.8 or later
* 6 MB Hard Disk Space

Pricing and Availability:
SuperTab for Mac will be available from the SmithMicro web site to the general public for the reduced price of only $10, a 50% savings. The partnership expires on September 29th, 2014, after which SuperTab will again be available from the SuperTab website as a 30-day free trial with a $20 price to register.

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