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[] London, United Kingdom - PressPad's unique business model - where their revenue is linked to the app publishers' revenue - paves the way for PressPad development as a digital publishing platform. They strongly believe this is the right way digital publishing should look like, sharing digital publishers' business goals. And this is what distinguishes PressPad from a typical mobile app development house.

"At PressPad we support our publishers with their marketing and sales efforts, helping them build their own digital distribution channels," said Wojciech Szywalski PressPad Content Marketing Manager. "And the goal of our freely available sales and marketing tools is to help achieve this objective", he continued.

When nine months ago PressPad introduced promotional tools including Smart Widgets Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO, said, "Our main goal is to increase the sales of your apps on iPads and Android devices. As you know, the model we function in motivates us, just as it motivates you, to work on magazine sales."

Since that time hundreds of publishers have been using PressPad widgets on their websites to generate new installations. Widgets have been displayed nearly 6.7 M times right on their websites. An average user is exploring 1.5 page per visit, and spends over a minute on their website. What is more, based on the same internal study, the average conversion rate into app installation is nearly 20%!

That's a lot of quality traffic that can be utilized not only to drive installations but also to sell digital editions on the site. PressPad data driven decision to allow users buy magazines through the widget whenever they want is followed by releasing new sales tools for digital magazine publishers.

"Today we are introducing Web-Store, a new e-commerce feature that allows digital publishers to sell their digital editions through their own web stores and existing widgets. This is another milestone on the way of helping magazine app publishers achieve their sales targets," the company's CEO said.

With a single embed code PressPad publishers are able to create their own web stores that support PayPal transactions, thus extending shopping experience from in-app to the website. What's more, the new widget allows people to buy digital editions online, right on the publisher's website and at any other website which has been enriched with that widget. Thus, publishers finally have a tool to expand their online sales.

More than 20% of the new installations of the app come from surfing through the web. These are organic installations. Why? Because people who are genuinely interested in publishers' content find them organically, google them and explore their online assets on their websites and blogs.

The best selling publishers build their presence on social media, they run blogs and actively maintain their websites. With PressPad Web Store they have a new asset to make their e-commerce efforts even more effective.

PressPad is a Digital Publishing and Marketing Platform for Mobile Magazines and Comic Books.
It is a single contact point for all things mobile, offering technology necessary to launch magazine iOS apps and than work and educate publishers to build mobile as a great distribution channel.


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