FileMaker Awards FMTouch as Solution of the Year

August 20, 2009 in FileMaker (E)

[] Richmond, VA - FMWebschool, creators of the award winning FMTouch software for the iPhone and Blackberry are celebrating their victory by offering the FileMaker community a special 60% discount off FMTouch. The FileMaker excellence award winner is chosen from a diverse group of over 1200 FileMaker Business Alliance members worldwide.

FMTouch enables you to deploy FileMaker databases on the iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry. The process is simple, you create a FileMaker database using our Style Guide and Scripting and Calculations guide and then load that database onto your smart phone.

Your database runs 'locally' on your phone, this means if you don't have an internet connection or network connection, you can still access your database. There are many instances where you will not have a connection to your network carrier; FMTouch solves that problem by actually loading your database on your phone - complete with all of your data.

FMTouch also enables you to make use of many of the same features you are used to using in FileMaker such as: Scriptable buttons, Calculations, Value Lists, Portals, Container fields and the ability to edit, delete, find and create new records.

Aside from the core basic functionality FMTouch makes use of the awesome user interface that the iPhone provides. There are a lot of things that you cannot do with FileMaker that can be instantly done with FMTouch at the touch of a button. Some exciting features we have added are - signature capture, voice recording, instant generation of PDF's and comma separated spreadsheets, the ability to instantly generate a PDF of a record and email it as a document and 'smart' fields that let you touch a field and have it instantly call a phone number, send an email, open a web browser, send an SMS or find a GPS location.

As if that wasn't enough, FMTouch only costs $29.99 (USD) and includes a free Sync plug-in that allows you to sync your smart phone database with a FileMaker database on your laptop, desktop, or served on FileMaker Server. You can sync FMTouch to databases on both Macintosh and Windows systems with WiFi or if hosted on FileMaker Server, wherever you have an internet connection.

One question that is important to address is how secure is FMTouch? FMWebschool went through a 2 month process with the U.S. government to apply for a license that allowed us to offer 128 bit encryption. This is the same encryption used by the government to protect their data. FMTouch enables you to completely lock down and encrypt your databases instantly.

Nearly 8 million people a year lose or have their smart phone stolen in the U.S. FMTouch allows you to make sure that your sensitive data is protected. FMTouch also protects your data when syncing, so there is no need to worry about individuals trying to intercept and read your data when syncing via WiFi or to the server.

Thousands of individuals from all walks of life are using FMTouch daily. Everyone from Hollywood producers to international photographers traveling abroad, to school teachers, delivery drivers, realtors, census workers, home inspectors, doctors and travel agents. FMTouch gives them instant and secure access to the information that they need.

FileMaker developers are also realizing that they can make money with FMTouch by providing solutions to their clients. Developers can quickly create database solutions that their clients can deploy on their smart phones for when they travel or simply need to be away from their offices and need the ability to access their data.

FMTouch offers security and convenience plus the bonus of being able to access your FileMaker data any time you like from anywhere in the world. The FMTouch community continues to grow and evolve and many people say that they cannot live without it. The only thing that is missing from FMTouch, is you.

FMWebschool is a team of creative developers specializing in innovative PHP and FileMaker web solutions since 1999. FMWebschool focuses on progressive FileMaker integrated turnkey solutions, training, books, hosting and learning resources to facilitate FileMaker web publishing. FMWebschool has a solid track record and reputation for outstanding customer support and has just won the "FileMaker Excellence Award for Software Solution of the Year" from FileMaker Inc.


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