Press Release SuperSync 6.0 iTunes manager released for desktop and NAS systems Oct 07, 2014 in iTunes SuperSync is a comprehensive iTunes management application that allows you to sync, merge, and manage their music, video, and playlists on Macs, PC's, iOS and popular NAS systems. SuperSync empowers users to create a central media repository, accessible from anywhere on the net. Available today, SuperSync version 6.0 includes support for popular Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems by ReadyNAS, Synology, Thecus, QNAP, and VortexBox. [] Alamo, California - SuperSync 6.0 lets users compare and merge all their music libraries and sync to a master library located on their compatible NAS system. Compatible NAS systems include ReadyNAS, Synology, Thecus, QNAP, and VortexBox. The SuperSync desktop application connects users to the NAS library. "For eight years, we've been making it easy for users with music and video files on multiple computers to manage their digital media. We are excited to announce the immediate availability of version 6.0," noted Brad Lowe, president of SuperSync. "With this release, users can run SuperSync on their NAS systems to maintain an accessible master library of their music and video files. SuperSync for NAS lets music lovers browse, upload, and download their music from anywhere on the internet." SuperSync 6.0, enables users to visually compare, access, sync, and merge iTunes libraries including music, audio files, podcasts, and video, across multiple Macintosh and Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Now it's simple to host music on a NAS system and keep a copy or a subset on desktop machines. SuperSync also includes powerful library analysis to detect and eliminate file duplicates, broken links, and media files that have not been properly accounted for. What's New? SuperSync 6.0 includes a new web interface for browsing music, a new username/password system, and support for multiple commercial NAS systems. "SuperSync is the top choice for tens of thousands of music enthusiasts and professional DJ's," explained Brad. "With the addition of integrated NAS support, we expect SuperSync to be deployed on many more home networks and to be used with more whole-home audio systems, such as Sonos and Logitech Media Server." With SuperSync's built-in client/server software, users can instantly retrieve a song left on their laptop, play a song on their home computer while using an office PC, or copy their entire iTunes library on to a new computer or disk drive. By placing a copy of SuperSync on each Mac or PC, users can easily compare and merge two iTunes libraries at a time to see what tracks are missing, select them, and click "Synchronize" to begin merging the libraries. SuperSync includes a basic audio player so you can organize, sync-up, and play all of your songs directly from SuperSync, with no external player required for MP3/M4A music files. SuperSync offers complete back-up functionality that lets users quickly and easily create a "master library" with other computers in the house or office having a subset or mirror image. SuperSync can also recover the contents from most Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads that are paired with an unavailable computer. And, SuperSync lets users back up playlists, ratings, played counts; Plus movies, TV shows, podcasts, other audio and video iTunes content. Key SuperSync features include: * Merge and Compare Any two libraries on Windows, Mac and NAS * Access your media library from anywhere. Get and place tracks and playlists over the internet * Repair your library - remove duplicates, find broken links, and add missing tracks * Explore your music with keystroke access to Pandora, iTunes Store, YouTube, and much more * Maximize use of iTunes Match and iCloud Systems Supported: * Mac: All Intel Based Mac OS computers through 10.10 * Windows: Windows NT- through Windows 8 * NAS: Apps have been built for ReadyNAS, S1Digital, Synology, Thecus, QNAP, VortexBox and others. Requires Java 6 or higher Pricing and Availability: SuperSync license for Windows and Mac is available now for purchase online for $22.95 (USD) for a 2-Pak, $29.95 for a 5-Pak, and $39.95 for 10-Pak. A license is recommend for each desktop computer (Mac or PC) a user runs iTunes on. SuperSync for NAS is currently free and does not require a paid license to use. SuperSync can be downloaded immediately from its website. SuperSync will run in a free trial mode to let users see it in action with their iTunes libraries. Located in beautiful Alamo, California, SuperSync is a privately held company founded in 2007 committed to building tools for easy-to-use access to personal music and video collections. SuperSync is licensed only for reproduction of non-copyrighted materials, materials for which the copyright is owned, or materials users are legally permitted to reproduce. Mac, iPod, and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Sonos, Logitech, ReadyNAS, Synology, QNAP, and VortexBox are copyright their respective owners. ### Brad Lowe President 608-561-7962 United States