Formitize Launches Couriers App for Paperless Records and Tracking

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[] Smeaton Grange, Australia - The designers of Formitize - a valuable app that has transformed industries worldwide - has launched Couriers App. This significant paperless tool tracks the development of any mobile workforce using digital forms intended to assist in managing customers and organizational details in a secure, paperless 'cloud' environment.

This app for couriers improves company processes and provides actual time reporting and workflow inspections while saving time, money, and effort. The resolution of a paperless technique for all off-site undertakings and the actual time tracking, managing, and storing of company papers, assure a level of record management and reporting previously unimaginable.

The improved competency, real-time reporting ability, environmental advantages, harmonious inter-operability, and related control tools confirm that this courier software is an impressive addition to the Couriers industry.

How Couriers App Works:
Couriers App transforms current paperwork into a smart app. Over twenty components are integrated into the apps for couriers to save time, money, and effort spent on paper documents. These manual tasks eliminated by the app include printing, consolidating, storing, and manually tracking for the exact document.

Users of the courier app can handle only significant fields of every section of the digital form and allow it to develop its own path as the answers are provided. When the paperless reports are created, users can set them up to automatically be sent out to varied recipients at different times.

Other notable features include actual time checks, task control, overlay drawing, time stamping, and so much more. A reliable web-based management portal is included as part of app for couriers to offer real-time view and reporting on all information collected by couriers.

Three Components Making Couriers App Perfect for Companies:
* Work Offline - The courier app makes all web-based solutions outdated - works impeccably in far-off places with or without Internet connection. The incorporated camera and drawing components save so much time
* Be Compliant with Reports - Fill worksheets onsite and produce prompt, accurate, and compliant reports
* Manage Documents in Resources e-Library - Great for safekeeping organizational procedures, safe work method statements, manuals, among others, so all users have only the newest versions with them all the time

Customers are quite thrilled about the apps for couriers. One client, a couriers manager says, "Real-time reporting, photo capture with GPS, time and date stamping, and the customer communication process is excellent. Fantastic value and constantly updated."

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, "Couriers App is used globally by couriers businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes, and improve the professionalism of their reporting. The digital forms are designed to complement the enterprise mobility management needs and increase the productivity of the mobile workforce of couriers businesses around the world."

Discover how Couriers App can liberate any mobile workforce from daunting paperwork tasks. Take the tour today.

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