Introducing PressPad Pro for Professional iPad Publishers

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[] London, United Kingdom - PressPad recognizes that an outstanding reading experience (user experience) is as important for iPad magazines as their actual content, and the brand they influence. With PressPad Pro accounts, professional digital publishers get the opportunity to customize their mobile magazine apps, and bring new functionalities that are sure to create a fantastic user experience - adjusting to the rich content automatically.

There are three types of PressPad accounts: Start Free, Pro and Custom Pro. Start Free accounts correspond to innovative business model where it is PressPad who takes the financial risk and publishers can afford mobile publishing for as little as nothing. But Pro accounts offer much more flexibility, valuable for professional digital publishers.

From now on Pro accounts will feature an in-app, rich-media-support. It means that iPad readers will be able to experience rich media from the inside of the magazine without being redirected to external sites.

On Custom Professional accounts, publishers will receive apps that are free of PressPad's brand name. Additionally for those who prefer deeper integration, PressPad provides the option to connect with publishers' own iOS developer accounts. What is more, digital publishers will receive less limits for push notifications and innovative iOS8-ready, lightweight apps.

Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO said, "Wth the introduction of brand new PressPad Pro accounts, we wish to influence the digital publishing landscape once again."

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