Sky Battles greenlit on Steam - Air Combat Game

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[] Toronto, Canada - Game developer and artist, Peter Lacalamita is pleased to announce his air combat game Sky Battles, has been greenlit for the Steam platform. After 212 days and several write ups by indie gaming sites like Alphabetgamer and Steam First, Sky Battles has achieved enough yes votes to be sold on the most influential PC gaming store today.

Steam member comments, over 4000 and rising, have been mostly positive and supportive of a game that has been compared to very successful games of the past like Shadow of the Colossus and Crimson Skies. If the amount of attention received thus far is any indication, this one man game making machine has a hit on his hands.

Deadly caves... Massive robotic beasts... Fire breathing dragons... Sky Battles is a game where you battle against large iron beasts with different abilities. Krakens, dragons, robots and helicopters seek you out. Barrel roll, dodge, dive bomb and out wit these hellish behemoths.

* Single Player mode with various enemies
* Multi-Platform Online Multiplayer
* Compete against PC, Mac, iOS and Android users
* Leaderboards
* Fantastic dynamic environments
* Multiple upgradable weapons like missiles, air mines and cloaking
* Collect gems and destroy big bad bosses before time runs out
* Barrel Roll, Loops, Dodging, Strategy
* Built using Unity3D

Fly your plane and battle ruthless mechanical enemies in fantastic settings. Dodge missiles, flames and enemy aircraft bent on your destruction. Single player mode requires players to capture gems and destroy targets before advancing. Multiplayer mode has you battle against enemy opponents online. Choose a world in the lobby and show everyone who's boss. Air combat with emphasis on strategy and skill. Do you prefer to silence your enemies with stealth or do you prefer laying air mines? Find out in this 3D air combat shooter.

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